DEV FRIDAY #5 – Units

Hello everyone! Today’s Dev Friday is slightly unique, as it coming up during New Year’s Eve. We hope, that everyone is doing well and looking forward on the upcoming 2021. Today’s Dev Friday will be like any other, but it might appear slightly shorter due to the smaller update we’ve made. Let’s jump right intoContinue reading “DEV FRIDAY #5 – Units”

DEV FRIDAY #4 – Buildings (Upgrade Snippet 2)

Hello everyone! In the christmas spirit, it is time for yet another Dev Friday. Treat it as our christmas gift for you – an update on ‘Sierra Nevada’. Today, we’re going to talk about Buildings – second part of the current development build. Similar to Improvements, but they’re used by the Town directly. They provideContinue reading “DEV FRIDAY #4 – Buildings (Upgrade Snippet 2)”


Hello everyone, devs here!We are coming back with fresh ‘Dev Minutes’, where we would like to present something we were working on recently…UI TEST UPDATE.Read up more to find out what’s going on! User Interface isn’t the worst, but it isn’t the best either. That’s why, following some feedback from players, we’ve decided to modernizeContinue reading “DEV MINUTES #13 – UI TEST 1 UPDATE”


Hey! It’s Dev Minutes #4 time. It took a few days to get some interesting topic to show, so here we are. Also please, stick with us to the end of today’s article, we have an announcement on the end of it. Without extra talking: let’s jump right into the topic!First we’ll talk about spreadingContinue reading “DEV MINUTES #4 – POPULARITY GAIN AND UI”