Tale Tuesday #30 – Common Questions About Game Dev #4

Hey everyone! It’s time to finally update everyone on the development and announce, that the ‘Cosmos Conquer’ is coming soon. Beforehand however, let’s continue our ‘Tale Tuesday’ mini-series where we respond to your questions about game dev!

Tale Tuesday #29 – Common Questions About Game Dev #3

Hey everyone! After quite a break, it is finally time for another Tale Tuesday! Today, we’re going to respond to further questions you’ve had about game development in general. For now, we’re going to slightly detour from indie games and focus on the larger, commercial game development.

Tale Tuesday #28 – Common Questions About Game Dev #2

Hey everyone,In the next few ‘Tale Tuesday’ articles, we will cover and answer some of the more commonly asked questions about game development. Stay tuned, as there will be plenty of articles in this topic and some of the questions that interest you may soon be here as well! This is the second article inContinue reading “Tale Tuesday #28 – Common Questions About Game Dev #2”

Tale Tuesday #26 – Indie development overlook

Hey everyone!Today it is finally time to finish the long series of ‘Tale Tuesday’ articles about indie development. We’ve covered the topic in many aspects, going through general ideas, each stage of development and the final touches. It’s time to finally summarize everything we’ve covered. However, it is not the end of indie development topicContinue reading “Tale Tuesday #26 – Indie development overlook”

Tale Tuesday #25 – Final touches and things to look at

Hey everyone!It’s almost time to finish this ‘Tale Tuesday’ series covering indie development. We’ve covered quite a lot throughout several articles! So what else do we have left to talk about?We definitely have to talk about the final touches for the game.

TALE TUESDAY #21 – What’s tough about game design?

Hey everyone! Today we’ll cover some things that might be a bit harder for a begginner designer to get when creating his own game. Before we get into any details – remember! Game development is about having fun and you should just enjoy what you’re doing, regardless of its success. We’re happy to give youContinue reading “TALE TUESDAY #21 – What’s tough about game design?”

TALE TUESDAY #20 – What are some good tips on game design?

Hey everyone!Today we will focus in details on designing process of the game. To get started with anything else, we need the design first! It’s an important part of any game development and it’s important to do it right. So, what can we do to create good designs? Here are several tips for fellow gameContinue reading “TALE TUESDAY #20 – What are some good tips on game design?”

Tale Tuesday #19 – Is it.. expensive to be a game dev?

Hello everyone in yet another ‘Tale Tuesday’!In the third part of our development mini series, we’ll cover another important topic for the new developers. That is, a question: is it expensive to be a game dev? Read more to find out! So what real costs are hidden behind a development of an indie game?