Dev Friday #39 – Basic Game Mechanics Overhaul

Hello everyone! It’s time for the first ‘Dev Friday’ for a new game that was recently announced – ‘Cosmos Conquer’! If you didn’t hear about it yet, check out the latest announcement post: game, new format! From now on, ‘Dev Friday’ posts will be longer and have two parts. Each milestone will be brokenContinue reading “Dev Friday #39 – Basic Game Mechanics Overhaul”


Hello everyone! In today’s Dev Minutes we will cover the most recent changes we’ve implemented, for both DLCs and vanilla game. The colours mechanics, due to new, upcoming downloadable content had to be changed, and so we did in the last days. What exaclty is different?


Hey! Paweł here again. Michael was supposed to write this Dev Minutes, but he has to work on the game and some other stuff (and also lacks writer skills), so I’ll do it for him. I’m a good rubber duck that helps him a lot. Let’s jump right into the topic of explaining some basicContinue reading “DEV MINUTES #2 – BASIC GAME MECHANICS”