TALE TUESDAY #11 – 2.5 years of designing later

At this point, it is almost two and a half years since we’ve started working on video games. That also means almost two and a half years of game designing, artwork, programming for video games and others.In this Tale Tuesday I will focus on the game design part of development and gained experience impact onContinue reading “TALE TUESDAY #11 – 2.5 years of designing later”

TALE TUESDAY #3 – Market Dominion – in prototype version

After preparing the very basics, we’ve started to finally wonder about the truly interesting thing: the prototype.We wanted to finally get on it. So we’ve started the real search – engine.We didn’t want to end up being stuck in some big engine, also because of the preferences of the developers. One of us really doesn’tContinue reading “TALE TUESDAY #3 – Market Dominion – in prototype version”

TALE TUESDAY #2 – Before the app

– Michael, how well do you know C#? Would you be able to create a game? – I used to know C# quite well and I probably could make a game. What did you have in mind? – I was thinking about creating a game, it’s on my mind for a long time. That’s aContinue reading “TALE TUESDAY #2 – Before the app”


Hello everyone,today we’ll be covering a pretty interesting topic: how exactly was ‘Market Dominion: Board Edition’ designed, created and developed. We’ll go through the entire history of the game and its development process. The idea of the game in board version was first mentioned back in February 2020. Back then, it was more of aContinue reading “DEV MINUTES #14 – HOW MD:BE WAS CREATED?”


Hello everyone!Today is the first anniversary of the release of ‘Market Dominion’! Because of that, we’ve got something special prepared for you!Starting from now, you can play ‘Market Dominion’ in a brand new way… The well-known game that has started the entire thing is now available as a board game! Meet with your friends andContinue reading “1ST ANNIVERSARY OF MARKET DOMINION”


Hello everyone, devs here!We are coming back with fresh ‘Dev Minutes’, where we would like to present something we were working on recently…UI TEST UPDATE.Read up more to find out what’s going on! User Interface isn’t the worst, but it isn’t the best either. That’s why, following some feedback from players, we’ve decided to modernizeContinue reading “DEV MINUTES #13 – UI TEST 1 UPDATE”


Big companies are prepared for various, hard moments… they expect economic crisis and always have emergency plan prepared… but are they ready for the unexpected outbreaks? “Spring Outbreak” Update for Market Dominion is a huge update, including quite huge changes in events and map mechanics! This version, also known as 1.03. Update includes some interestingContinue reading “‘SPRING OUTBREAK’ UPDATE”


Hello everyone! In today’s Dev Minutes we will cover the topic of territories types in Market Dominion in details. We will look into different details with most important states and what factors shape their importance, as well as into different available territories types.Let’s jump right into it!


Hello everyone!Recently we have asked you to expand on the game’s Gamepedia articles. We have joined the cause, and not only we expanded one of the articles that needed it the most, but also decided to tell about it in today’s Dev Minutes!Read up to know more about Specialists.