Tale Tuesday #26 – Indie development overlook

Hey everyone!Today it is finally time to finish the long series of ‘Tale Tuesday’ articles about indie development. We’ve covered the topic in many aspects, going through general ideas, each stage of development and the final touches. It’s time to finally summarize everything we’ve covered. However, it is not the end of indie development topicContinue reading “Tale Tuesday #26 – Indie development overlook”

TALE TUESDAY #13 – Is it hard to be an indie game dev?

Hello everyone!In today’s Tale Tuesday we will respond to that a bit rhetorical question in the title. Is it hard to be an indie game developer? It definitely has its difficulties and disadvantages, but it’s also rewarding in a way. Let’s jump right into it! There are many differences between indie developers and the bigContinue reading “TALE TUESDAY #13 – Is it hard to be an indie game dev?”