Dev Friday #50 – New Changes in the Upcoming Update

Hey everyone!We’re finally back with some more updates on ‘Cosmos Conquer’. I’m working on a new update with a lot of changes. It includes some interesting stuff, however we’ll not see a new Civilization Type – at least not in today’s Dev Friday!Stay tuned and see for yourself what I’ve prepared!

‘Alien Invasion’ Update

Focusing on our development, we’ve forgotten to look further and beyond ourselves. Now, we’ll be paying the biggest price for our mistakes. Giant shadows emerge from the sky as the screeching, unknown sounds start filling the Humanity’s Empire. Our greatest fear and dreams have been confirmed – we are not alone. Tonight, ‘Alien Invasion’ updateContinue reading “‘Alien Invasion’ Update”

Dev Friday #48 – Type 3 finally in the game!

Hey everyone!It’s finally time for another ‘Dev Friday’ and first details on the upcoming update. The next Dev Friday will be on 13th May and that’s also when the update launches. A lot of things will change, so stay tuned!Today we’ll discuss one of the more major changes, which is the addition of Type 3Continue reading “Dev Friday #48 – Type 3 finally in the game!”

Dev Friday #47 – ‘Deep Space Silence’ Update

Hello everyone!It’s finally time for the next update! This time, we’re stepping into the deep, unknown dark of the universe, in ‘Deep Space Silence’ update. We’ve learned about some of the new features in the last Dev Friday. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out now: If you did, you know there’sContinue reading “Dev Friday #47 – ‘Deep Space Silence’ Update”

DEV FRIDAY #46 – General Fixes and Changes

Hey everyone! ‘Cosmos Conquer’ has released in early access just two weeks ago, but we’re not stopping there! I’ve prepared new features for the upcoming weeks and I hope you enjoy the changes! Today, we’ll be focusing on version 0.7, which will be released as an update to the game in two weeks. Stay tuned,Continue reading “DEV FRIDAY #46 – General Fixes and Changes”

‘Cosmos Conquer’ Now Live in Early Access!

Welcome everyone! ‘Cosmos Conquer’ is now available in Early Access and you can purchase it now on Steam for $7.99! The game is available on Windows and and for the week following the launch it will be 10% off. Get yourself your copy and let us know what do you think about the game! WeContinue reading “‘Cosmos Conquer’ Now Live in Early Access!”

DEV FRIDAY #45 – Tutorial, New Civ Type And Much More

Hey everyone! We’re two weeks away from the release of ‘Cosmos Conquer’ in early access! I hope you’re excited for it as much as I am! There’s a lot to cover in this update! Because of that, we’ll present some of the new features today and some in a special Dev Friday Commentary during SteamContinue reading “DEV FRIDAY #45 – Tutorial, New Civ Type And Much More”

Dev Friday #43 – Civilization Types and Type 0 Introduction

Hey everyone! In today’s ‘Dev Friday’ we’ll talk about changes in the last ‘Alpha Update’ for ‘Cosmos Conquer’. It’s also the update we’re calling ‘Type 0 Update’. I hope you’re excited for it and let’s get right into the changes!

Dev Friday #41 – Technologies and Projects, Menu Overhaul

Hello everyone! One Alpha update is done, there’s two more to go! After two updates, we’ll start covering the Early Access version that will go live on March 4, 2022. If you didn’t have a chance yet, wishlist the game now: In Alpha Update 2, we will cover some exciting news about Technologies andContinue reading “Dev Friday #41 – Technologies and Projects, Menu Overhaul”

Dev Friday #39 – Basic Game Mechanics Overhaul

Hello everyone! It’s time for the first ‘Dev Friday’ for a new game that was recently announced – ‘Cosmos Conquer’! If you didn’t hear about it yet, check out the latest announcement post: game, new format! From now on, ‘Dev Friday’ posts will be longer and have two parts. Each milestone will be brokenContinue reading “Dev Friday #39 – Basic Game Mechanics Overhaul”