Tale Tuesday #18 – Game Development Logistics

Hello everyone! As promised, we’ll stick to the topic of indie game development. For some time, we’ll be covering topics closely related to game development as seen through our eyes. Last time we’ve discussed solo development and its tough elements. Today, as promised, we’ll go more into logistics of creating video games. Let’s get intoContinue reading “Tale Tuesday #18 – Game Development Logistics”

Tale Tuesday #17 – Is it tough to be a solo game dev?

Hey everyone! Today is the time for new ‘Tale Tuesday’ and a refreshed posting schedule! From now on, new ‘Tale Tuesday’ articles will be posted only on the website every two weeks. That means ‘Tale Tuesday’ will be more frequent!For quite a bit we will stick to the topic of indie game development – todayContinue reading “Tale Tuesday #17 – Is it tough to be a solo game dev?”

TALE TUESDAY #1 – First days

Hello everyone! Today is the first day of describing my adventure as a game designer and developer. I hope that this series will continue for quite a long time and it will take some time before I run out topics to talk about! It’s always good to have some more ideas for the future.First, I’dContinue reading “TALE TUESDAY #1 – First days”

DEV FRIDAY #3 – Improvements (Update Snippet 1)

Hello everyone! It is time for yet another Dev Friday. Today we’ll be covering quite large topic of Improvements. Improvements are structures that the player can build on the map, to help and support their town. Placed on proper resources, the Workers from Improvements will gather resources for the player and store it in hisContinue reading “DEV FRIDAY #3 – Improvements (Update Snippet 1)”

DEV FRIDAY #2 – Resources

Hello everyone! In today’s episode of ‘Dev Friday’ we will be covering next update for ‘Sierra Nevada’. In today’s ‘Dev Friday’ we have a second Development Build. That build was about Resources and their management. Read up more further in the article! Also, we’d like to announce that ‘Market Dominion’ will be 50% OFF duringContinue reading “DEV FRIDAY #2 – Resources”


Hello everyone,today we’ll be covering a pretty interesting topic: how exactly was ‘Market Dominion: Board Edition’ designed, created and developed. We’ll go through the entire history of the game and its development process. The idea of the game in board version was first mentioned back in February 2020. Back then, it was more of aContinue reading “DEV MINUTES #14 – HOW MD:BE WAS CREATED?”


Is that… is that what I really think it is?Hello everyone, my name is Paweł and we’re back with Dev Minutes, talking about how Market Dominion develops and its key features step by step. And today, we’re taking things from the end and talking about… victories types! As seen above with the icons, there areContinue reading “DEV MINUTES #7 – VICTORIES AND…?”


Hello everyone, Paweł here! This is time for another Dev Minutes! We couldn’t post anything new as Beta was in progress, but now, we’re coming closer and closer to finishing the beta, which should be available for our testers this month!Let’s jump right into the topic! First, I’ve paid a lot of attention to mainContinue reading “DEV MINUTES #6 – MARKET DOMINION BETA”


Hey there! Today’s Dev Minutes will be a little different. We aren’t going to talk about something new we’ve worked on, we’re going to discuss older topic in details, and that is how Market Share in this game works. This also will be an episode with less images and more theory, so get ready forContinue reading “DEV MINUTES #5 – MARKET SHARE AND OTHER MODIFIERS”


Hey! It’s Dev Minutes #4 time. It took a few days to get some interesting topic to show, so here we are. Also please, stick with us to the end of today’s article, we have an announcement on the end of it. Without extra talking: let’s jump right into the topic!First we’ll talk about spreadingContinue reading “DEV MINUTES #4 – POPULARITY GAIN AND UI”