‘Sierra Nevada’ Release Info

Hello everyone!Today is Tuesday, so we’re halfway there towards the next Dev Friday and yet another development build announced! The release date is coming and we’re ready to deliver it all to you! In today’s article, you’ll find information such as the release date, game requirements and platforms ‘Sierra Nevada’ will release for.


Hello everyone!This post has more of an informational shape. We have been away through the entirety of October, including September in case of the website. The team was away, but now we are returning and expecting some crucial changes! DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIESDuring the last meeting, we’ve decided that our development strategy is not good enough. WeContinue reading “IGUANA’S RETURN”


Hello everyone!Today is the first anniversary of the release of ‘Market Dominion’! Because of that, we’ve got something special prepared for you!Starting from now, you can play ‘Market Dominion’ in a brand new way… The well-known game that has started the entire thing is now available as a board game! Meet with your friends andContinue reading “1ST ANNIVERSARY OF MARKET DOMINION”


Hello everyone!Iguana Mercenary dev here! I would like to announce, that we have created a new sub-team of Iguana Mercenary called Polarus and that the team has created its first game! The game was a part of a week challenge, where we challenged ourselves to create a game totally from scratch and on our ownContinue reading “‘FIGURAMA’ IS NOW RELEASED!”


Hello everyone!We will be discussing several matters for Iguana Mercenary, especially for further work. Even though the situation outside is.. different – we are still busy people. One of the developers is just moving out, and the other one works on a special project with another developer closely related to the team.Therefore – our currentContinue reading “CURRENT PROJECT STATUS”


Hello everyone! In today’s article we will cover several topics we were supposed to some time ago. It is all about new ideas for Iguana Mercenary.One of the first ideas is a new series of articles, posted from time to time. It would be about developer’s thoughts on designing and creating video games, as wellContinue reading “IGUANAS, GAMES AND OTHER PETS”


Hello! Devs here! We are happy to announce that our indie game, Market Dominion, will be available for puchase on Steam on 7th of August 2019, Wednesday at 5AM PDT (2PM CEST, 10PM AEST). Minimum Requirements: OS: Windows 7 64-bit Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core Memory: 2GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce MX150 Storage: 150MB availableContinue reading “MARKET DOMINION RELEASE DATE”


Today we had a short interview with one of our beta testers, Pete. Pete was very excited for Market Dominion from the beginning and he was happy to start beta testing when beta came out, almost two weeks ago. Interviewer: What is your experience with the Closed Beta so far? Pete: So far the closedContinue reading “SHORT INTERVIEW WITH BETA TESTER”


The Cold War quietly rages on around the world as tensions rise between states. During these turbulent times, you are tasked as the CEO of a new, enterprising company. Can you overcome obstacles to become a burgeoning company and dominate the market? Game contains: Unique Territories: Over 250 individual unique states to control through marketContinue reading “MARKET DOMINION – NEW GAME ANNOUNCED”