DEV FRIDAY #3 – Improvements (Update Snippet 1)

Hello everyone! It is time for yet another Dev Friday. Today we’ll be covering quite large topic of Improvements. Improvements are structures that the player can build on the map, to help and support their town. Placed on proper resources, the Workers from Improvements will gather resources for the player and store it in his global storage. Player will need the resources to maintain his town, so make sure to manage your Improvements properly!

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DEV FRIDAY #2 – Resources

Hello everyone! In today’s episode of ‘Dev Friday’ we will be covering next update for ‘Sierra Nevada’. In today’s ‘Dev Friday’ we have a second Development Build. That build was about Resources and their management. Read up more further in the article!

Also, we’d like to announce that ‘Market Dominion’ will be 50% OFF during the upcoming week! The Weeklong Deal starts on Monday 14th December at 10AM Pacific Time and will last till 21st December!

Now, back to the topic of Resources.

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DEV FRIDAY #1 – Sierra Nevada Terrain

Hello everyone! Welcome with the new series called ‘Dev Friday’! It will be a great replacement for its older sister ‘Dev Minutes’. We are finishing ‘Dev Minutes’ series to bring you a brand new one – Dev Friday.
‘Dev Friday’ is a series of notes from the development, similar to Dev Minutes, with the difference that this series will show up every Friday! So with every Friday coming, you should get ready for some new news and reading about our games!

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Hello everyone!
This post has more of an informational shape.

We have been away through the entirety of October, including September in case of the website. The team was away, but now we are returning and expecting some crucial changes!

During the last meeting, we’ve decided that our development strategy is not good enough. We are planning to change certain things and details in our inner work and organization. That will change how things are presented to the public. We want to be more efficient with our solutions and better organized. These new solutions will be adapted and tried out throughout the development of ‘Sierra Nevada’. We would love a feedback on our work once we get to that!

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Hello everyone,
today we’ll be covering a pretty interesting topic: how exactly was ‘Market Dominion: Board Edition’ designed, created and developed. We’ll go through the entire history of the game and its development process.

The idea of the game in board version was first mentioned back in February 2020. Back then, it was more of a joke between the developers. The jokes have continued for throughout March. However, on March 24th, a concept board was created. With that concept board, an actual physical copy of the game was created. Even though the game was a joke, we’ve went out and created the game. So, by April, a physical copy of the first version of Market Dominion existed.

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Hello everyone!
Today is the first anniversary of the release of ‘Market Dominion’! Because of that, we’ve got something special prepared for you!
Starting from now, you can play ‘Market Dominion’ in a brand new way…

The well-known game that has started the entire thing is now available as a board game! Meet with your friends and relax while playing this little indie, board game, based on ‘Market Dominion’. Collect Deal Power and grow your company! Whoever has the highest score by the end of the game – wins! You can play ‘Market Dominion: Board Edition’ completely for free.
​It is available for download on shop of Iguana Mercenary:
The game supports singleplayer games with AI, but also supports multiplayer games in hot seat mode and multiplayer in the internet with your friends!

The game was created to celebrate the anniversary of ‘Market Dominion’. We are happy to deliever it!
Special thanks to Miles, who has done a great job on that development. I would also like to thank our translators.
That’s it for today, thank you all and get hyped for gameplay in Market Dominion in brand new edition!


Hello everyone!
Short, but important announcement!
We are announcing ‘Sierra Nevada’, a new video game from Iguana Mercenary, that should come live in late Q4 this year!

We will share more info about the game in the near future, so stay tuned for everything! Out beta testers have just started working on the game and we’ll definitely be ready to release soon. Follow us and wait for the brand new dev minutes.


Hello everyone!
Iguana Mercenary dev here!

I would like to announce, that we have created a new sub-team of Iguana Mercenary called Polarus and that the team has created its first game! The game was a part of a week challenge, where we challenged ourselves to create a game totally from scratch and on our own within a week. We succeeded – and while it might not be the best creation, it was still a fun experiment and we would like to invite you to play!

‘Figurama’ is a little arcade platformer game, where as a little square you have to pass through the worlds and beat the enemies. Make your way through and defeat the boss to win and become a master of shapes!

The game is free to download and available here:
​Test it out, share your experience and enjoy our week long experiment!

More about Polarus Team can be found in ‘About’ page of the website.


Hello everyone!
We will be discussing several matters for Iguana Mercenary, especially for further work.

Even though the situation outside is.. different – we are still busy people. One of the developers is just moving out, and the other one works on a special project with another developer closely related to the team.
Therefore – our current projects do not receive enough attention.
DLCs of Market Dominion and their development are put on hold until further notice.
So is the UI Update for Market Dominion, which – recently has seen some progress, but isn’t the main concern of developers right now.
Like we said: one of us is busy moving to a new place and another one is focusing on something new – but don’t worry!

Once we are done, we will share our new project with you.
Stay tuned and wait for the big projects!

Iguana Mercenary Devs


Hello everyone, devs here!
We are coming back with fresh ‘Dev Minutes’, where we would like to present something we were working on recently…
Read up more to find out what’s going on!

User Interface isn’t the worst, but it isn’t the best either. That’s why, following some feedback from players, we’ve decided to modernize the entire user interface a little. So far there isn’t much – recreating an entire UI takes time – but still, we’ve come up with something I am sure we can already present to the public!

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