DEV FRIDAY #13 – Native Lands Update

Hello everyone! We have Friday again! The wind from the west carries the sound of drums and rattles as the settlers arrive. They know, that they will have to peacefully appease the natives living in the region. They will have to do everything to maintain their presence in the Sierra. It is time for Native Lands Update!

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TALE TUESDAY #1 – First days

Hello everyone! Today is the first day of describing my adventure as a game designer and developer. I hope that this series will continue for quite a long time and it will take some time before I run out topics to talk about! It’s always good to have some more ideas for the future.
First, I’d like to invite everyone to possibly tip us. Even the smallest amounts, even as small as a price of a cup of coffee will help us move closer to the goal. The current goal is reaching $100 in donations to be able to post our video game ‘Sierra Nevada’ on Steam. It would be great if we could reach the goal in the near future!
Today, we will talk about the first days in the industry.

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DEV FRIDAY #12 – Native Lands Update Snippet 1

Hello everyone! It is Friday again and it’s time to publish another Dev Friday! Today we’ll be discussing a new update that is coming to the game next week. This time around, players will get yet another challenge to properly manage the Native Lands… Continue reading to find out more!

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A New Series of Articles

Hello everyone!

Today we do not have a new Dev Friday. Further ‘Sierra Nevada’ updates will continue next week normally. For new information about the upcoming update, you’ll have to wait until next Friday. Sorry for the inconvenience and stay patient!

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DEV FRIDAY #11 – Manifest Destiny Update

Hey everyone! Today we’re finally releasing a Manifest Destiny update! The newly acquired lands require proper management and not everything is up for grabs. However, act well and the federal government will recognize your town. Manifest Destiny has finally reached Sierra Nevada. Make sure to grow your town for as long as you can!

Last time we have introduced the territories mechanics in details. It’s quite complex and new mechanic limiting the player’s spread and growth until they deserve further growth and land appointed. With that update several new things came around.

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DEV FRIDAY #10 – Manifest Destiny Update Snippet 1

Hello everyone!

Today, we are introducing a new update snippet! The newly acquired lands require proper management and not everything is up for grabs. However, act well and the federal government will recognize your town. A manifest destiny will reach Sierra Nevada soon. Read more to find out what we’re adding!

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DEV FRIDAY #9 – Western Sun Update

Hello! It has been a week since the release of ‘Sierra Nevada’. We hope that you’re enjoying the game so far! Today we’re coming with a new Dev Friday and also an update to the game. It will be available to download for anyone who bought the game on shop and if you didn’t yet, you should consider that!

Today’s update is called Western Sun update. It includes some new things, such as new Units, Buildings and systems.

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DEV FRIDAY #8 – Sierra Nevada Release

Hello everyone! It is finally 22nd of January, the day of the release of Sierra Nevada! We’re happy to inform that as expected, the first early version has made it and it can be bought in Iguana Mercenary shop on The store page is available under this link: Check it out and get yourself a copy! Now, it is time to get into the last changes for that version.

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DEV FRIDAY #7 – Release Update Snippet 2

Hello everyone! It is time for another Dev Friday! It is second Snippet for the upcoming Release Update, which will be followed by one more update in the day of the release. It is coming in a week, so watch out for it! Today we’ll be covering slightly more technical and visual aspect of the upcoming changes, so it’s going to be slightly shorter, but the upcoming release should balance things out.

First topic for today is a new feature for Units: Actions.

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DEV FRIDAY #6 – Release Update Snippet 1

Hello there! Today’s we’re starting a series of Snippets for the Release Update for Sierra Nevada! After we’re done, in two weeks, the game will be released and available for purchase in its first early versions. We have a lot to talk about and we will start today from a lot of new things! Let’s jump right into it!

The last update brought us Units – a new mechanic, which allows the player to directly control what’s happening on a map and in his town. We’ve added very little Units, however… in this update, we’ve added more! Now, the player will be available to use one of the following Units in his town:

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