TALE TUESDAY #20 – What are some good tips on game design?

Hey everyone!
Today we will focus in details on designing process of the game. To get started with anything else, we need the design first! It’s an important part of any game development and it’s important to do it right. So, what can we do to create good designs? Here are several tips for fellow game designers!

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Tale Tuesday #19 – Is it.. expensive to be a game dev?

Hello everyone in yet another ‘Tale Tuesday’!
In the third part of our development mini series, we’ll cover another important topic for the new developers. That is, a question: is it expensive to be a game dev? Read more to find out!

So what real costs are hidden behind a development of an indie game?

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Dev Friday #39 – Basic Game Mechanics Overhaul

Hello everyone! It’s time for the first ‘Dev Friday’ for a new game that was recently announced – ‘Cosmos Conquer’! If you didn’t hear about it yet, check out the latest announcement post: https://iguanamercenary.com/2021/11/12/cosmos-conquer-coming-soon/
New game, new format! From now on, ‘Dev Friday’ posts will be longer and have two parts. Each milestone will be broken down into two: first, an article and then a commentary (with gameplay) about an update. That means there will be one update every month and it will be covered in details through series of ‘Dev Friday’ posts. Today we’re starting with the first ever update and in two weeks a commentary will come out. Enjoy the new content! Let’s get right into it!

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Tale Tuesday #18 – Game Development Logistics

Hello everyone! As promised, we’ll stick to the topic of indie game development. For some time, we’ll be covering topics closely related to game development as seen through our eyes. Last time we’ve discussed solo development and its tough elements. Today, as promised, we’ll go more into logistics of creating video games. Let’s get into it!

When it comes to logistics, there are two main concerns: ‘What game engine do I use?’ and ‘What tools do I use to make my job easier?’. Today we’ll focus on those two questions, starting from game engines.

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‘Cosmos Conquer’ Coming Soon!

A fresh breeze of air enters the overcrowded and polluted city of the Earth. The technologically advanced humanity starts looking for other planets to conquer. Now that the Earth is depleted of its resources, we’re looking for them elsewhere. The Universe is open for us now – and it cannot hide any secrets. Looking up into the skies, humanity sees their promising future – growth and prosperity.

‘Cosmos Conquer’ is a tycoon science fiction game. Conquer lands and celestial bodies that surround you and grow your civilization – construct structures, extract power and grow constantly. Leave your home planet, advance throughout the eras and develop, to soon rule the universe.

Players will get a chance to play a tycoon game, in which they progress into the greatness, but soon have to sacrifice it for further development and advancement. Players will get to play the game in stages called ‘Civilization Types’. They are based on expanded Kardashev’s Scale of civilizations. This concept drives a unique tycoon mechanic, where advancing costs a huge portion of the accumulated power.

The game will be available on Steam. Link to the store is here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1814540/Cosmos_Conquer
The game will enter early access on March 4, 2022. Full release date is still unknown.

Stay tuned!
We’ll come back with a brand new and refreshed ‘Dev Friday’ for ‘Cosmos Conquer’ soon.

Tale Tuesday #17 – Is it tough to be a solo game dev?

Hey everyone! Today is the time for new ‘Tale Tuesday’ and a refreshed posting schedule! From now on, new ‘Tale Tuesday’ articles will be posted only on the website every two weeks. That means ‘Tale Tuesday’ will be more frequent!
For quite a bit we will stick to the topic of indie game development – today we’ll talk about the struggles of solo indie developers, but further on we’ll talk about choosing a game engine, the correct tools, some of the expenses and learning some of the skills that might be useful for game development. In short: we have a lot to cover! I hope you’ll like that mini series.

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DEV FRIDAY #38 – Something new

Hello everyone!

Today we’ll do something a little different.
Recently, we’ve finished a series of articles about ‘Hug the World’ and its inner mechanics. With that, the chapter of ‘Hug the World’ in development diaries has ended. So.. what’s next?
Read below to find out what’s coming!

This year we went through a lot of new, exciting things!
At the start of the year, we’ve posted the newest updates for Sierra Nevada. Shortly, ‘Sierra Nevada’ was released and it kept receiving updates for months. Majority of the year was spent talking about the game and updating it.
In June, new announcements about mobile game ‘Match the Colour’ were made. The game had very little updates so there was very little to show – but it still managed to receive two Dev Fridays.
Afterwards, the topic of ‘Hug the World’ has started. The game was announced for quite a while and it finally made it to release state on August 27, 2021.
That was the last major update for this year. So what’s next?

A new project will be announced in the next Dev Friday.
After the announcement of the new project, we will soon start with the first updates – that means, that ‘Dev Friday’ series for a new game will begin shortly! The articles form will slightly change – I hope you’ll like it!

We’ll give you more details next week – stay tuned!


Hello everyone!
This is kind of a follow-up to the previous ‘Tale Tuesday’ which covered the ideas behind ‘Sierra Nevada’ and how it improved the general system we’re working in. If you didn’t have a chance to read it yet – feel free to check out the archives.
Let’s dive back in!


DEV FRIDAY #37 – Hug the World Insides #3

Hey everyone!

In today’s Dev Friday we’ll be once again covering a game called ‘Hug the World’. It is available for purchase here: https://gamesforfunds.itch.io/hug-the-world. If you don’t know what is it about, check it out now!
Today we’ll cover more details about the game’s inner mechanics. This is the last part, part three of the articles with insights of the game.

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DEV FRIDAY #36 – Hug the World Insides #2

Hey everyone!

In today’s late night Dev Friday, we’ll be covering a game called ‘Hug the World’. It is available for purchase here: https://gamesforfunds.itch.io/hug-the-world. If you don’t know what is it about, check it out now!
Today we’ll cover the details about the game and its inner mechanics, as we did last time. This is part two of articles with insights of the game.

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