Tale Tuesday #24 – Art: How to work it out?

Hey everyone! In this short indie game dev related Tale Tuesday series, we’ve already covered design and coding, leaving out one important concept – art! It’s very important for the game to get it right and often it may cause us great trouble, especially if we are not artists. I am not one myself, yet I manage to push things out rather good-looking. So how does it happen? What secrets do I hide? Let’s find out!

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DEV FRIDAY #45 – Tutorial, New Civ Type And Much More

Hey everyone! We’re two weeks away from the release of ‘Cosmos Conquer’ in early access! I hope you’re excited for it as much as I am! There’s a lot to cover in this update! Because of that, we’ll present some of the new features today and some in a special Dev Friday Commentary during Steam Next Festival in which we’re participating. So what secrets is this yet-to-be-named update hiding? Let’s find out!

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Tale Tuesday #23 – The struggles behind coding

Hey everyone! It’s part two of Michael’s Tale Tuesday about coding. Next time, we’ll discuss something we didn’t mention in details yet – art. Stay tuned and for now, read the last article about coding!

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Dev Friday #43 – Civilization Types and Type 0 Introduction

Hey everyone!

In today’s ‘Dev Friday’ we’ll talk about changes in the last ‘Alpha Update’ for ‘Cosmos Conquer’. It’s also the update we’re calling ‘Type 0 Update’. I hope you’re excited for it and let’s get right into the changes!

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TALE TUESDAY #21 – What’s tough about game design?

Hey everyone! Today we’ll cover some things that might be a bit harder for a begginner designer to get when creating his own game. Before we get into any details – remember! Game development is about having fun and you should just enjoy what you’re doing, regardless of its success. We’re happy to give you a few tips!

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Dev Friday #41 – Technologies and Projects, Menu Overhaul

Hello everyone!

One Alpha update is done, there’s two more to go! After two updates, we’ll start covering the Early Access version that will go live on March 4, 2022. If you didn’t have a chance yet, wishlist the game now: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1814540/Cosmos_Conquer/

In Alpha Update 2, we will cover some exciting news about Technologies and Projects and their role in the game, as well as we’ll talk about the Menu that has finally arrived! So, let’s get to it!

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TALE TUESDAY #20 – What are some good tips on game design?

Hey everyone!
Today we will focus in details on designing process of the game. To get started with anything else, we need the design first! It’s an important part of any game development and it’s important to do it right. So, what can we do to create good designs? Here are several tips for fellow game designers!

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Tale Tuesday #19 – Is it.. expensive to be a game dev?

Hello everyone in yet another ‘Tale Tuesday’!
In the third part of our development mini series, we’ll cover another important topic for the new developers. That is, a question: is it expensive to be a game dev? Read more to find out!

So what real costs are hidden behind a development of an indie game?

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Dev Friday #39 – Basic Game Mechanics Overhaul

Hello everyone! It’s time for the first ‘Dev Friday’ for a new game that was recently announced – ‘Cosmos Conquer’! If you didn’t hear about it yet, check out the latest announcement post: https://iguanamercenary.com/2021/11/12/cosmos-conquer-coming-soon/
New game, new format! From now on, ‘Dev Friday’ posts will be longer and have two parts. Each milestone will be broken down into two: first, an article and then a commentary (with gameplay) about an update. That means there will be one update every month and it will be covered in details through series of ‘Dev Friday’ posts. Today we’re starting with the first ever update and in two weeks a commentary will come out. Enjoy the new content! Let’s get right into it!

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