Hey! Paweł here again. Michael was supposed to write this Dev Minutes, but he has to work on the game and some other stuff (and also lacks writer skills), so I’ll do it for him. I’m a good rubber duck that helps him a lot.

Let’s jump right into the topic of explaining some basic mechanics!



Hey, Paweł here!
I am happy to inform we’re starting “Dev Minutes” series of articles, which gives a little of background look into our work and tells you more about the game itself.
Time for the first behind the scenes adventure!

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The Cold War quietly rages on around the world as tensions rise between states. During these turbulent times, you are tasked as the CEO of a new, enterprising company. Can you overcome obstacles to become a burgeoning company and dominate the market?

Market Dominion is a new casual indie game. In this world of business simulation, you are tasked as a CEO to lead your company to greatness.
The year is 1960. Many companies have been born after the war. Now, in the Cold War times, rivalry between the United States and Soviet Union is enormous. Companies are affected too. Different companies within different industries will reach out for the world’s market domination.

Game contains:

  • Unique Territories: Over 250 individual unique states to control through market domination.
  • Company Modifiers: Every company has their own competitive edge; whether it’s logistics, marketing, or popularity itself – there are no clear rules set. The game offers a starting modifier for each company, which makes the game more dynamic and allows players to plan different strategies against different opponents with more precision and craft.
  • Specialists: Companies hire Specialists all the time – whether they are advertisement masters or slick negotiators, they are all indispensable. In Market Dominion, you can use them as an ace up your sleeve and surprise your opponents.
  • Events: Olympics! Market Crash! Scientific breakthroughs! Political breakdown! So much is happening during these times. The game offers over 40 unique events that can influence your gameplay.
  • And Even More: Market Dominion delivers a unique experience with hours of interesting gameplay. Immerse yourself in the world of Market Dominion.

We’re happy to announce the game is available in Steam Store and will be available to buy in Spring 2019.


Iguana Mercenary is a small Polish-Canadian game development studio founded in January 2019 with it’s unofficial headquarters in Vancouver, BC, Canada. As of January 2019 it’s made up of two people: co-founders Paweł Wiecha and Michael O’Connell.
We have just went live, we don’t have much to show. We want to show you more, we aren’t prepared though.

Our first game will be announced soon. We are working on it all the time and we’re trying to put as much effort as possible. The game should be available upcoming Spring. We’re trying our best.

What’s next? Well, we are planning on another titles. There are many different ideas, mostly around indie genre with casual, strategy, sometimes adventure and simulation elements.

All in all, we have huge plans for the future. Hopefully, we’ll grow larger and we’ll be able to produce more great games.

Follow us and find out more about Iguana Mercenary:
Twitter: @imdevstudio
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