Hello everyone!
Iguana Mercenary dev here!

I would like to announce, that we have created a new sub-team of Iguana Mercenary called Polarus and that the team has created its first game! The game was a part of a week challenge, where we challenged ourselves to create a game totally from scratch and on our own within a week. We succeeded – and while it might not be the best creation, it was still a fun experiment and we would like to invite you to play!

‘Figurama’ is a little arcade platformer game, where as a little square you have to pass through the worlds and beat the enemies. Make your way through and defeat the boss to win and become a master of shapes!

The game is free to download and available here: drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YvV184viPKl6DEpmIHwMGjUAKWzZIAdP?usp=sharing
​Test it out, share your experience and enjoy our week long experiment!

More about Polarus Team can be found in ‘About’ page of the website.


Hello everyone!
We will be discussing several matters for Iguana Mercenary, especially for further work.

Even though the situation outside is.. different – we are still busy people. One of the developers is just moving out, and the other one works on a special project with another developer closely related to the team.
Therefore – our current projects do not receive enough attention.
DLCs of Market Dominion and their development are put on hold until further notice.
So is the UI Update for Market Dominion, which – recently has seen some progress, but isn’t the main concern of developers right now.
Like we said: one of us is busy moving to a new place and another one is focusing on something new – but don’t worry!

Once we are done, we will share our new project with you.
Stay tuned and wait for the big projects!

Iguana Mercenary Devs


Hello everyone, devs here!
We are coming back with fresh ‘Dev Minutes’, where we would like to present something we were working on recently…
Read up more to find out what’s going on!

User Interface isn’t the worst, but it isn’t the best either. That’s why, following some feedback from players, we’ve decided to modernize the entire user interface a little. So far there isn’t much – recreating an entire UI takes time – but still, we’ve come up with something I am sure we can already present to the public!

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DEV MINUTES #12 – PATCH 1.03.1

Hello everyone! Devs here!
We have released a patch for ‘Spring Outbreak’ Update, version 1.03.1. It fixes several bugs that were present for several versions, as well as added another map type into the game.
​Read up for more information!

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Big companies are prepared for various, hard moments… they expect economic crisis and always have emergency plan prepared… but are they ready for the unexpected outbreaks?

“Spring Outbreak” Update for Market Dominion is a huge update, including quite huge changes in events and map mechanics! This version, also known as 1.03. Update includes some interesting stuff you can read about in the next paragraph! There is also some more info at the end of the article, so stay tuned!

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Hello everyone! In today’s Dev Minutes we will cover the topic of territories types in Market Dominion in details. We will look into different details with most important states and what factors shape their importance, as well as into different available territories types.
Let’s jump right into it!



Hello everyone!
Recently we have asked you to expand on the game’s Gamepedia articles. We have joined the cause, and not only we expanded one of the articles that needed it the most, but also decided to tell about it in today’s Dev Minutes!
Read up to know more about Specialists.



Hello everyone! In today’s Dev Minutes we will cover the most recent changes we’ve implemented, for both DLCs and vanilla game. The colours mechanics, due to new, upcoming downloadable content had to be changed, and so we did in the last days. What exaclty is different?



Hello everyone! In today’s article we will cover several topics we were supposed to some time ago. It is all about new ideas for Iguana Mercenary.
One of the first ideas is a new series of articles, posted from time to time. It would be about developer’s thoughts on designing and creating video games, as well as some insight on what is he doing in his “job”. I think it would be an interesting way to put more info out about our games and also connect closer to people. Let us know what do you think on our Discord!
Another idea was Twitch streaming on how we develop, do game previews and similar. The only issues here that it would take time to set up and obviously we need content and people interested.

Now a bit more about ‘Global Rivalry’. It is supposed to come around in Q4 2019 with several new features we’ve already discussed or mentioned. The game will receive a discount when we release the update, so be ready to catch this good deal!
This article is a bit short, but in the next one we will cover some changes to the game in ‘Global Rivalry’ and explain some features in depths. Stay tuned!


Hello! Devs here!

We are happy to announce that our indie game, Market Dominion, will be available for puchase on Steam on 7th of August 2019, Wednesday at 5AM PDT (2PM CEST, 10PM AEST).

Minimum Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce MX150
  • Storage: 150MB available space (estimated)

Available languages:

  • English
  • Polish
  • Russian