DEV FRIDAY #32 – Match the Colour Updated

Hello everyone!

Today’s Dev Friday will be rather short, but next week we’re coming with a surprise, so make sure to stay tuned for the next week.
In the meantime, we have updated ‘Match the Colour’.

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Updates Posting Changes

Hey everyone!

Today we have a short message instead of ‘Tale Tuesday’.
Due to less time for our projects and general need for more free time, we will be posting less frequently.

From now on, ‘Dev Friday’ will be posted every other week, starting this Friday (23rd July 2021). The updates will be about all the ongoing projects. Some of the updates on ‘Games for Funds’ might not follow the template and be more irregular.

‘Tale Tuesday’ will be posted roughly once a month, with two weeks of break between Kofi and Website release. No additional posts are planned for now.

In the meantime we will maintain some general presence, so you don’t feel left out. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll be back to normal rate once possible. Remember – Iguana Mercenary is our part time passion and we wish to spend the most time possible on it, but sometimes we simply cannot.

Thank you!


Hello everyone!

I really want to spread the message, so if you don’t have time to read it all: please, simply share the links available at the end of the article and come back to read later. It means the world to me, thanks!

And for all of those who have some time: welcome!

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TALE TUESDAY #13 – Is it hard to be an indie game dev?

Hello everyone!
In today’s Tale Tuesday we will respond to that a bit rhetorical question in the title. Is it hard to be an indie game developer? It definitely has its difficulties and disadvantages, but it’s also rewarding in a way. Let’s jump right into it!

There are many differences between indie developers and the big game development studios. Big studios very often are looking for profits and selling their product, while indie developers often go for ideas they’re interested with. In exchange, the profits rarely skyrocket for indie devs. There surely are some reasons behind that.

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DEV FRIDAY #31 – How Match the Colour was made

Hey everyone!
As a little reminder: it has been two weeks since our latest release of ‘Match the Colour’ – a brand new game available on Android in Google Play Store. You can get the game for free here:

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DEV FRIDAY #30 – Meet Match the Colour: Skins

It has been a week since our latest release of ‘Match the Colour’ – a brand new game available on Android in Google Play Store. You can get the game for free here:

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Tale Tuesday #12 – How do I create art?

Hey everyone! Today we’ll talk about how we are creating our art for the games. It might be quite an interesting topic because none of us has actual experience in it and we had to come up with a solution for our games which are obviously on low budget. Someone had to do it, and it decided on me – with no experience at all. So… how did I manage?

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Play our new game now!

Hello everyone! We would like to announce that we’ve released a new, free to play, mobile game! Starting today, ‘Match the Color!’ is available for download on Google Store in games category. Get it here:

Jump into the colorful world of Mr. Square and match him with the surroundings! Jump around and match the colors in order to gain points. The more points the better! Change your appearance and jump along with him for hours!

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DEV FRIDAY #29 – Quick Update – Medals

Hello everyone!
Today, we have a short update for ‘Sierra Nevada’. It is not considered a full version, so it is marked with additional number at the end of version number (1.2.1). The reason is simple: it is very simple and just a little, cosmetic addition to the game. The change is already available on ‘Sierra Nevada’ the store page:

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TALE TUESDAY #11 – 2.5 years of designing later

At this point, it is almost two and a half years since we’ve started working on video games. That also means almost two and a half years of game designing, artwork, programming for video games and others.
In this Tale Tuesday I will focus on the game design part of development and gained experience impact on the further games and future ideas. We’ll also talk about how it influences the game ideas overtime.

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