Dev Friday #50 – New Changes in the Upcoming Update

Hey everyone!
We’re finally back with some more updates on ‘Cosmos Conquer’. I’m working on a new update with a lot of changes. It includes some interesting stuff, however we’ll not see a new Civilization Type – at least not in today’s Dev Friday!
Stay tuned and see for yourself what I’ve prepared!

With the latest update, Alien Invasion were added. This is definitely the largest mechanic so far and it definitely impacts the player’s game. Because of that, I’ve went ahead and ensured that it is more balanced and interesting for the players.
First of all, spawning rates were changed. If there’s an Alien Base active, Aliens will spawn twice as fast as they do currently – meaning that a successfully invaded settlement has to be quickly cleared from the enemies or they’ll keep growing in numbers! In addition to that, Aliens will now spawn in a very slow rate even if there’s no Alien Base. Meaning, that whether they’ve successfully created a base or not – they’ll grow larger anyway!

Shields also saw a few changes, to help the player with new, strengthened Aliens. The shields are now destroyed after the invasion was stopped, as a form of compensation for protecting the settlement. Shields now also reduce a spawning rate of Aliens, meaning that you should be really thinking about getting that shield.
And before an invasion even begins, there’s also a few changes with that! When an invasion begins, the amount of Aliens spawned will depend on your Karma Modifier. The lower the modifier, the more Aliens will spawn. Make sure that your society is stable and ready for the surprises from the far Galaxies!

There’s also several other changes, mainly to improve accessibility of the game. Hints about the game setup are now available and displayable with a separate button, so it’s easier and more intuitive to access them. In addition, players can now set the reading time for their in-game tutorials if they have trouble reading it at the current pace. A few visual bugs for texts were also fixed.

I’m keeping one of the new features a secret, together with some extras. So.. you should come back for next Dev Friday to find out what’s going on!

Thank you for reading today’s Dev Friday!

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