‘Alien Invasion’ Update

Focusing on our development, we’ve forgotten to look further and beyond ourselves. Now, we’ll be paying the biggest price for our mistakes. Giant shadows emerge from the sky as the screeching, unknown sounds start filling the Humanity’s Empire. Our greatest fear and dreams have been confirmed – we are not alone.

Tonight, ‘Alien Invasion’ update goes live! It’s an extensive update so we’ll be covering quite a bit of changes today. Let’s get right into it!


As it was announced in the previous ‘Dev Friday’, Type 3 was added to the game. Now, you will be able to conquer and settle entire Milky Way together with surrounding galaxies. There are many new buildings and technologies which will help you to reach your goal. If you want to know more about this particular topic, read more here: https://iguanamercenary.com/2022/04/29/dev-friday-48-type-3-finally-in-the-game/


A new event was added into the game. If an alien invasion happens, structure yields are halved and removing any hazards becomes several times expensive. The event will also spawn a new hazard: Alien Base.
Alien Base is a hazard which appears on the object’s slots. It produces new aliens as long as it’s present on the object. If an Alien Base cannot spawn, it will recompensate by spawning a larger wave of aliens. Alien Base is removed like any other hazard, but due to the effects it is way more expensive than it would normally be.
Aliens are removed with a Commanded Ship. If there’s an Alien Base, it is still possible to get rid of them, but it’s more difficult to do it – it’s better to remove the base first. There’s also one more way to protect yourself from the Aliens – building a shield.
“Build Shield” is an action that is available for any settled object. If it’s bought, the shield will be present in the object. Once an alien invasion comes, it will reduce their number by 25%. The shield gets destroyed when an invasion comes.
An alien invasion is gone once all aliens are killed. That’s when everything comes back to normal.


Entire game’s economy has been changed. Pretty much all of the costs in each type were changed and rescaled to fit each other. Because of that, all costs, rewards and yields were adjusted with it. Pretty much everything has a new price. Those changes were made in order to balance the game, as well as improving the flow. Let us know what do you think about the current version!


Now, UI is informing the players better than ever. Karma Costs are shown everywhere they’re applied and structures tooltips show yields the structure will give. In addition, separate slot yields are shown if a View Filter is turned on. Its state is now also autosaved. Traits also display descriptions. As for the game’s setup, now it is shortly explained what is the scene for each civilization type with corresponding titles.


A lot of traits and slots amount, especially in type 2, were reviewed and rebalanced to fit the game better. In addition a lot of improvements on scaling with types was made. There were also many bugs related to the events and other already existing mechanics, which were all fixed.

That was a large update! I hope that you’ll enjoy it. Let me know what do you think!


Full changelog list is available on Discord.

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