Dev Friday #48 – Type 3 finally in the game!

Hey everyone!
It’s finally time for another ‘Dev Friday’ and first details on the upcoming update. The next Dev Friday will be on 13th May and that’s also when the update launches. A lot of things will change, so stay tuned!
Today we’ll discuss one of the more major changes, which is the addition of Type 3 civilization.

So, like it is visible on the screenshots, Type 3 is finally available. In this civilization type, we’ll enter local galactic cluster where the Milky Way is located and explore the universe on galactical level. Now, you will be able to conquer and settle entire Milky Way together with surrounding galactics. New buildings and technologies will help you in your conquering. Wormhole Traveling, Asimov’s Device and Quantumverses – those are only some of the technologies that will unlock new buildings for you! When it comes to the buildings themselves, Intersol, The Deunire and The Articave will be supporting you throughout the lengthy era. At this stage, the universe may get eerie – so let’s hope they will make you feel more comfortable…

There were also other changes in the game. Most noticeably, all of the costs and yields in the game were balanced. From now on, all types will take similar time to complete, while still scaling up and increasing players earnings. Scouting Rewards, Actions Costs, Karma Penalties, Projects, Structures and Technologies Costs – they were all rebalanced and improved, to work with the new flow. We hope that you’ll enjoy the current flow of the game and let’s hope this will lay a solid foundation for a continiuous playthrough one day.

There were also many smaller gameplay changes and bugfixes, intending to improve the general experience and readibility for the players. Many issues were regarding the screen work (especially around the resolutions) and UI functionality, which were improved. Certain dismatched elements were also fixed. The game’s interface received a solid review and received many changes without really being able to notice it. Most noticebly, we’ve removed mismatches in UI style, fixed windows sizes, updated tooltips displays and more! We’ll definitely cover a lot of those changes in the next ‘Dev Friday’ – stay tuned! With the update, I’m planning a discount for the game.

That’s it for now, thanks!

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