Dev Friday #47 – ‘Deep Space Silence’ Update

Hello everyone!
It’s finally time for the next update! This time, we’re stepping into the deep, unknown dark of the universe, in ‘Deep Space Silence’ update. We’ve learned about some of the new features in the last Dev Friday. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out now: If you did, you know there’s still some stuff to share.

New Event
The game receives a new event type. So far it has only been a Riot, however there’s something new to fight with in your quiet, peaceful Settlements.. maybe they’re even too quiet?
‘Signal Loss’ is a new now a new Settlement Event in the game. Signal Loss is slightly more likely to happen than the Riot and influences the player’s gameplay quite significantly. If the player loses a signal from a Settlement, no action can be done until the signal is restored. Some info also disappears, such as info about Settlement yields. Those mean no way of controlling the Settlement until the issue is fixed. To fix an issue, a Commanded Ship has to be sent in and given enough time to fix it. It takes significantly shorter time to complete, but it definitely is a dangerous thing to happen. Better keep your Settlements safe… It’s also good to note that Signal Loss is less likely to happen if a Commanded Ship is stationing nearby.

What else has changed?
Options have been slightly changed. That especially applies to volume options, which are now in form of sliders and are accessible from in-game menu. That means the volume can now be controlled by the player from any place in the game. In other things, some of the tutorial messages has been updated, especially the welcoming message, which has a winning condition stated in it now. Other things include fixing UI of some windows, especially missing scroll bars in Projects window and giving sound priority to Settlement Event sounds over other, less important sounds such as clicking. Before, those could get overwritten and the player would not hear a tragedy coming.

This particular build DOES NOT have backwards compatibility. That means that you’ll have to finish your game before updating or send us your save file to convert it to newer version. Thanks for understanding!


  • [GAMEPLAY] Previous Tier Buildings can still be constructed
  • [GAMEPLAY] New Event: Signal Loss
  • [GAMEPLAY] Settlement yields are now displayed in Details Window
  • [GAMEPLAY] Spaceship indicators for Settlements
  • [GAMEPLAY] Numerous additional informations and indicators including traits, structures and winning conditions
  • [GAMEPLAY] Technologies now display Karma Penalty as their cost
  • [TECHNICAL] Sound and Music are now sliders
  • [TECHNICAL] Added Options menu in-game
  • [TECHNICAL] Given playing priority to Event sounds
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed visual bugs with scroll wheels in various UI elements
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed actions keys

Thanks for reading this ‘Dev Friday’! Enjoy the update in the game and see you in the next update, which is going to be quite huge!
Stay tuned!

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