‘Sierra Nevada’ enters development on Nintendo Switch!

Hello everyone!
It’s time to share some great, exciting news!

We’ve reached an agreement with a third party and ‘Sierra Nevada’ is now undergoing a development for Nintendo Switch version. It is in very early stages, however we’re planning to make it available in December 2022. Now, you’ll be able to play your favourite town building western game on Nintendo console!

The progress so far is pretty minimal, yet there are some things we can share with you! The most noticeable thing and therefore the thing we want to talk about is the UI of the game and changes done to it. In order to adjust it to the device, huge changes have been made. First of all, the displays have been enlarged and expanded, to make it easier to read and in addition, all important windows are accessible by a right bottom corner rolling circle, which is accessed through a right joystick by dragging. All windows are adjusted to the needs of the device and have been thoroughly tested and feedbacked. Soon, we’re going to release a video displaying the work of the UI. Stay tuned!

Did I say “stay tuned”? Obviously, for further Dev Fridays for ‘Cosmos Conquer’ which receives an update tommorow. If you did not notice the date – that’s on you!

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