DEV FRIDAY #46 – General Fixes and Changes

Hey everyone! ‘Cosmos Conquer’ has released in early access just two weeks ago, but we’re not stopping there! I’ve prepared new features for the upcoming weeks and I hope you enjoy the changes! Today, we’ll be focusing on version 0.7, which will be released as an update to the game in two weeks. Stay tuned, we’re releasing the update on April 1! And that is not an April’s Fools joke! For now, let’s see what’s some of the new features in this update.

This update focuses mainly on fixes and smaller features that would be pretty useful, but did not make it to the early access or were suggested in player’s feedback after playing the demo and early access. Its general task is to make the experience better for the players and make the game clearer and more enjoyable. So what has changed?

First of all, some new indicators were added across the game. Most noticeably, an icon is now visible over a Settlement if a Commanded Ship is available nearby. It indicates, that in peace times, it decreases the chance for riots significantly. Stationing with a Ship nearby a Settlement during peace times will decrease the chance for riots as much as 25%. Hence, it’s important that we show this feature to the players. In addition, hovering over any Settlement related icon will show additional information to the player, explaining what exactly is happening in the area. It makes all concepts of events around the Settlements clearer in messaging and the players should have less trouble understanding it.
In addition, some messaging and mechanics has changed about structures construction. From now on, players will be able to construct structures from the previous tier if they recently upgraded. That means, if you purchase a technology improving your structures, you can still purchase the previous buildings, if the new ones appear way too expensive to you. This works across all eras and structures tiers, except the first one, where there’s obviously no previous tier. Structures from previous tier can be built as long as the structures don’t improve again, when the list would update. Also, tooltips for each structure now tell the exact amount of basic yields (excluding modifiers). This means that the players will be able to plan out their strategies better and generally improve their experience and method of playing. This also, again, improves messaging.
To further improve messaging, Settlements now give information on their yields. The screen with Settlement details now displays that information at all times and updates it in real time. It does not include any modifiers. Messaging was also improved on traits, which gives an idea on what a given trait does. Karma cost was also added to technologies list, as it was not specified anywhere prior to that.

There’s also a new event type in the game, but we’re going to talk more about it the next time! The same awaits some further messaging and tweaking on user’s side. Stay tuned, we’re going to share that info soon! That would be it for today, thank you for reading!

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