Tale Tuesday #25 – Final touches and things to look at

Hey everyone!
It’s almost time to finish this ‘Tale Tuesday’ series covering indie development. We’ve covered quite a lot throughout several articles! So what else do we have left to talk about?
We definitely have to talk about the final touches for the game.

If you feel like everything is done and ready, it’s great to start thinking about your next steps! By now, you should probably have a store chosen for your game. Whether it’s Steam, Google Store, itch.io or any other platform you might be interested in, you’ll have to upload your game and prepare it for the release. Further content of this article will be based on Steam’s system.

Beforehand, however, you should ensure that everything works fine in the game. It’s good to do a series of tests and bugfixing yourself first and check for most crucial bugs. If everything is fine, you can pretty safely proceed!
Uploading your builds to Steam is pretty easy! Using developer management tool called Steamworks, it is quite clear and self-explanatory. Everything is also supported with a large documentation, if you ever need help or an advice on certain practices. Once your build is uploaded and set to a default branch, you can test the game through Steam directly. You have to remember about several things though:

  • You need to implement Steam initialization for your game, so that all Steam processes may happen when turning on your game. This process varies depending on the engine you’re using, so make sure to research the matter!
  • ‘Default’ branch is the main branch of your game – that’s what the people download. If your game is already released, DO NOT test on default branch.
  • Before the release of the app, only developers have access to the app. With a use of proper Steamworks tools however, you can grant access to chosen testers.
    Once the app is uploaded, everything can be tested in details by you and your team of testers. It’s a good practice to test on Steam beforehand, due to Steam features becoming functional. If everything works well now and all bugs are taken care of, you’re ready for the release!

Releasing on Steam, you had to prepare for release beforehand. It includes setting up a completed store page and uploading first builds and having them reviewed and accepted by Valve. If that goes through, you’re free to release your app.
You should already decide if you’re releasing in early access or in full release, because the release process slightly changes depending on that. You may also apply a release discount, that will last a week from your release.
Once you’re ready and you’ve made sure everything is fine, go ahead and release your game! Prepare some interesting content for the days after release and share it in your community.

Next week, we’ll do a short summary on the series and that would be it for the ‘Tale Tuesday’ in indie theme. Thanks for reading!

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