DEV FRIDAY #45 – Tutorial, New Civ Type And Much More

Hey everyone! We’re two weeks away from the release of ‘Cosmos Conquer’ in early access! I hope you’re excited for it as much as I am! There’s a lot to cover in this update! Because of that, we’ll present some of the new features today and some in a special Dev Friday Commentary during Steam Next Festival in which we’re participating. So what secrets is this yet-to-be-named update hiding? Let’s find out!

First of all, the game’s tutorial was added! During the game, there’s a special UI window in the top section of the screen. That window will show information that will guide you throughout the game. I’ve improved some of the messaging and extended the tutorial already, so it should have a lot of important basics covered. It has all you need about yields, structures, game objects and more. To activate a tutorial, you have to do a certain action that triggers the tutorial – for example click on a planet or a continent to get more information about them. The tutorial can be turned off for the game if you click on a top-right corner icon to hide it. It can be turned off entirely in game options.

We’re also looking at a new civilization type! Welcome Type 2 Civilization into the game!
Type 2 Civilization focuses on the star systems surrounding Solar System. After conquering our home Star and depleting it from energy, it’s time to turn your attention to the closest neighbours! Jump into the game, construct futuristic structures across entire star systems and conquer and harvest energy from places such as Alpha Centauri or giant Sirius.
The game in Type 2 starts in the 10th millenia AD and lasts for centuries. During the game you’ll face similar issues as you’ve might have seen in the Solar System..
We don’t want to spoil the new type too much, so just enjoy some new screenshots!

What else is this update hiding?
We are not going to say too much, h owever we can say one more thing: Steam Cloud and Steam Achievements have been added! After a long time syncing and optimizing the game with Steam, I can proudly say that the game will use Steam Cloud and have 65 achievements on the day of the launch. Are you going to be the first one to get them all? We hope that you’ll find even the secret ones!

Anyway, that’s gonna be everything that we’ll cover in this Dev Friday! If you want to learn more, wait until the appropiate Steam Next Festival livestream on which we’ll be covering the rest of the exciting launch details, together with the update’s name.

Thanks and see you at Steam Next!

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