Dev Friday #43 – Civilization Types and Type 0 Introduction

Hey everyone!

In today’s ‘Dev Friday’ we’ll talk about changes in the last ‘Alpha Update’ for ‘Cosmos Conquer’. It’s also the update we’re calling ‘Type 0 Update’. I hope you’re excited for it and let’s get right into the changes!

It was already mentioned in the updates, that ‘Cosmos Conquer’ will have a unique growth concept. With it, at the end of a given era, player sacrificies everything he had in order to jump into the new era. A concept based on Kardashev’s Scale, the player will jump between Civilization Types and in the process, consume all acquired energy, in order to grow further. With that said, player will start with conquering continents, but they’ll soon turn into planets, then stars, and so on.
It is intended that there will be many civilization types available to play. Players will be able to start from any point they want.

Currently, we only have one type of civilization – Type 1 civilization. The Earth is now fully controlled and managable and it’s time for humankind to take over the Solar System. The next step will be to conquer the closest Stars, while the picture of the past – conquering Earth – will slowly fade away.
But not yet for us! I’m happy to announce that this update adds Type 0 civilization. The humankind has just started developing societies and with time, they’ll take over the entire planet. But it requires patience!

While previously you could see a takeover of various, neighbouring planets and constructing special megastructures stretching across the planet, now you’ll be able to take over continents, like the Earth is being settled all again!
Starting in 5500 BC, this civilization type has similar goals and rules as the Type 1 civilization, just in a completely different setting! In the upcoming Commentary, you’ll be able to see the gameplay and experience the new environment yourself.

There are several smaller changes as well. Flying Objects have been added to the game. In any civilization type, there are certain objects, flying accross the sky constantly, at different speeds and angles. Looping around, you’ll definitely see them during gameplay. Clicking on such an object grants player some additional Energy, which might be useful during the game.

Additionally, a lot of balance changes have been done, especially about costs and effects of projects and technologies. The game is better balanced now.

Anyway, that would be everything for this Dev Friday! Stay tuned for the Commentary and soon, we’ll share more! Thanks!

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