Dev Friday #41 – Technologies and Projects, Menu Overhaul

Hello everyone!

One Alpha update is done, there’s two more to go! After two updates, we’ll start covering the Early Access version that will go live on March 4, 2022. If you didn’t have a chance yet, wishlist the game now:

In Alpha Update 2, we will cover some exciting news about Technologies and Projects and their role in the game, as well as we’ll talk about the Menu that has finally arrived! So, let’s get to it!

But before we start, the Iguana Mercenary team would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, through this unique Dev Thursday! Now, let’s start!

In ‘Cosmos Conquer’ both Technologies and Projects will be an important element in every part of the gameplay. You’ll find yourself using those mechanics quite often.

Technologies are responsible for your civilization’s growth and development. There are technologies that allow you to construct newer, better buildings, but there are also some that will grant you remarkable yields’ bonuses. The technologies can be divided into the standard technologies and bonus technologies. All technologies that grant yields’ bonuses are bonus technologies. As of now, they can be researched without taking your development into consideration. The Standard technologies, however, have a discovery chain, which you have to follow. With each technology in the chain you’ll have a possibility to construct better buildings. At the end of the chain, there is a technology that unlocks a project to jump to the next civilization type – something that’s crucial for the players. Each technology costs a given amount of Research. It is a one-time cost that’s subtracted from the global amount once a player decides to research a technology.

Speaking of projects – it’s yet another game element that will be used widely by the players. It may not be as important as the technologies, but it still is an important aspect of the game. During the game, players can complete various projects. Projects give them effects such as yields’ bonuses or structures bonuses or lower costs. Players can purchase projects for Energy they’ve accumulated. There’s also one locked project for civilization type jump. It is unlocked once a proper technology is researched. If a player decides to buy this expensive project, he’ll complete the game in a given civilization type and will continue further.

That’s a part of the unique progress concept in ‘Cosmos Conquer’ – the player may change his environment for something grater once he decides he’s ready. In the process, the player will lose a lot – all of the technologies researched, gained energy, research and karma – but now the player will be able to explore and conquer another part of the universe.

In addition, in this version we’ve added main menu. It contains of simple options screen and possibility to start a new game and continue the saved game. With that menu, a basic Steam integration has been added, getting ready for the actual release.

That would be it for today’s Dev Friday! Make sure to wishlist the game and follow for next ‘Dev Friday’ and updates!

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