‘Cosmos Conquer’ Coming Soon!

A fresh breeze of air enters the overcrowded and polluted city of the Earth. The technologically advanced humanity starts looking for other planets to conquer. Now that the Earth is depleted of its resources, we’re looking for them elsewhere. The Universe is open for us now – and it cannot hide any secrets. Looking up into the skies, humanity sees their promising future – growth and prosperity.

‘Cosmos Conquer’ is a tycoon science fiction game. Conquer lands and celestial bodies that surround you and grow your civilization – construct structures, extract power and grow constantly. Leave your home planet, advance throughout the eras and develop, to soon rule the universe.

Players will get a chance to play a tycoon game, in which they progress into the greatness, but soon have to sacrifice it for further development and advancement. Players will get to play the game in stages called ‘Civilization Types’. They are based on expanded Kardashev’s Scale of civilizations. This concept drives a unique tycoon mechanic, where advancing costs a huge portion of the accumulated power.

The game will be available on Steam. Link to the store is here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1814540/Cosmos_Conquer
The game will enter early access on March 4, 2022. Full release date is still unknown.

Stay tuned!
We’ll come back with a brand new and refreshed ‘Dev Friday’ for ‘Cosmos Conquer’ soon.

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