DEV FRIDAY #38 – Something new

Hello everyone!

Today we’ll do something a little different.
Recently, we’ve finished a series of articles about ‘Hug the World’ and its inner mechanics. With that, the chapter of ‘Hug the World’ in development diaries has ended. So.. what’s next?
Read below to find out what’s coming!

This year we went through a lot of new, exciting things!
At the start of the year, we’ve posted the newest updates for Sierra Nevada. Shortly, ‘Sierra Nevada’ was released and it kept receiving updates for months. Majority of the year was spent talking about the game and updating it.
In June, new announcements about mobile game ‘Match the Colour’ were made. The game had very little updates so there was very little to show – but it still managed to receive two Dev Fridays.
Afterwards, the topic of ‘Hug the World’ has started. The game was announced for quite a while and it finally made it to release state on August 27, 2021.
That was the last major update for this year. So what’s next?

A new project will be announced in the next Dev Friday.
After the announcement of the new project, we will soon start with the first updates – that means, that ‘Dev Friday’ series for a new game will begin shortly! The articles form will slightly change – I hope you’ll like it!

We’ll give you more details next week – stay tuned!

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