DEV FRIDAY #36 – Hug the World Insides #2

Hey everyone!

In today’s late night Dev Friday, we’ll be covering a game called ‘Hug the World’. It is available for purchase here: If you don’t know what is it about, check it out now!
Today we’ll cover the details about the game and its inner mechanics, as we did last time. This is part two of articles with insights of the game.

The last time we’ve made it clear on how statistics are tracked and different mechanics are applied and used on various level types. Now, however, we’ll look more into the level types themselves.
There are various types of levels in the game. The most popular type of a game used in many various levels definitely is…
A lot of levels in ‘Hug the World’ use the simple clicking mechanic. It applies to the level where players turn off the light bulbs, as well as all the levels of “choose one of the options” – which is bottles, bags and food. It’s also used for picking up the trash. All statistics for these are read and saved per click. It means that no matter what unit is used, the players always end up getting additional statistics in every click. With that said, clicked trash adds to the amount of picked up trash, turned off bulbs add to the saved electricity (the amount of electricity saved is based on how fast the player turns off the light bulbs) and chosen food either saves or produces more of a given amount of gas emissions.

What other mechanics level use?
Similar to clicking mechanic, but this time around we’re tracking how many times you’ve tapped it! If you tap it enough times, something will happen. Currently in the game it’s used in two levels: for turning off the water and replacing a light bulb. In both cases it works in a similar way: after an object was tapped/clicked enough times, it activates the desired state and adds to the statistics. For turning off the water, it’s the saved water level (works similar to the electricity) and replaced light bulb returns a constant value of saved electricity.

That’s pretty much it for today! We’ll still have a bit more to go through about the game, so stay tuned for part 3 in next Dev Friday.

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