DEV FRIDAY #35 – Hug the World Insides #1

Hey everyone!

Some time ago ‘Games for Funds’ group has released a new game called ‘Hug the World’. It is available for purchase here: If you don’t know what is it about, check it out now!
In today’s article we will cover the details about the game and its inner mechanics. This is the first part of articles with insights of the game.

So, how exactly does ‘Hug the World’ work?
Hug the World contains of a set of levels with different mechanics – the set is generated indefinitely until the player stops it by stopping to play the game. New random levels generate randomly each time. All the levels and their contents are randomly generated whenever the player starts the game and continues with it. That way, a unique set can be delivered each time and prevent it from becoming repetetive game with patterns.
While the contents and the order are random, the level mechanics are not. There are various level templates with different contents – whether it is switching of the light bulbs or choosing prefered communication method, those are sets of rules within levels that were previously designed and programmed to work in their own way. Whenever a new level is called in order, proper code is activated and goes together with the interactive elements. In the next part, I’ll cover the level mechanics closer.

Each level also tracks the player statistics. Statistics are done simply and the details on how they work depend on the level. There are six types of stats and each level tracks different statistics. Every level tracks only one type. During the level statistics are tracked in different ways – some are time-sensitive, some are constant while others depend on the amount of work done. All completed levels save the statistics to the global summary in the statistics window. The stats can be reset, however it’s great to be able to track your own progression!

That’s it for today’s Dev Friday, next time we’ll learn more about individual games.

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