Hey everyone!
Today, ‘Hug the World’ is going public and is available to purchase in shop. Take a look:

Play ‘Hug the World’ and do little chores to see how much you can really help the environment! Play the game and keep boosting your statistics in order to see the impact you can have.

The game’s purpose is to inform people through fun means and spread awareness about the environmental issues of our planet. No one said games have to be just about entertainment!

Your $2 you spent on that little project will get donated to environmental organizations and charities in a good portion. 90% of net income from sales will be donated to the mentioned organizations. Let’s show that we care! The project is created and supported by GamesForFunds, which is all about such actions. Soon, there will be more to cover.

Play the game now! Order your own copy and contribute to the donations.

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