DEV FRIDAY #34 – How Hug the World works?

Hello everyone!

Some time ago I have mentioned a new project that has started recently: a game called ‘Hug the World’. If you don’t know the details, read the following article:

Today we will be looking into details of the new, upcoming game that is a part of ‘Games For Funds’ project.

Play ‘Hug The World’ and do little chores to see how much you can really help the environment! The game’s purpose is to inform people through fun means about their possible impact on the planet.

In game, there are a lot of different actions player can take. Whether it is switching off water and lights when not used or replacing light bulbs or changing the diet and communication methods – there’s a lot to do!
Each little thing has a certain outcome which is registered by statistics. The more you do the available chores, the more your stats will grow! Each action is tied to a result and it will give you a result in your statistics. The stats are based on modified, estimated real life values and are representative of possible saving done.

Apart from the main game which is centered around doing chores and the statistics from it, the game offers trophies and challenges.
The trophies are awarded once a certain level is reached in statistics. Each statistic has its separate trophy and there are five different levels of trophies. The more work you do, the better trophies you will get!
Challenges are additional content for players to try in their daily life to see how they can introduce some of the environmental ideas in it. Some might definitely come as a challenge, but they are definitely interesting to try.

As of the publishing of the article, the game is being tested and any bugs are being fixed. It will be available for the public on August 27th, 2021 on Windows and Linux (and most likely Android).

Thank you for reading today’s ‘Dev Friday’ and make sure to share the work done here!

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