TALE TUESDAY #14 – Game designing – a passion

Hey everyone!
Today we’ll talk about creating games and how it can be a great passion if you’re really interested in it. You’ll find out what I think about it and how I perceive game developing and designing as a whole. Without further talking, let’s get right into it!

Game designing was pretty much always a passion for me. As a little kid in the primary school, I’ve already thought of the games that would be great to make. I’ve been playing video games since 6 years old and I absolutely loved it. Playing the games was very cool, but what also really interested me was making one.

I quickly started making up my own rules for some games, especially board ones. I took elements out of one game and introduced it in another. It was a weird form of designing, but definitely something to start with. I was really enjoying those modified games and working them out!

Then, I’ve become interested in programming. Back then it was much easier for me and I actually had a chance to do well. I’ve been trying my best to learn the most programming possible and I soon started taking on new languages. When I turned 11, I could do websites with use of HTML and CSS and also some very simple programs with C/Batch. It seems like almost nothing, but.. it was still enough to make games! Fourth year of primary school was when my first Batch games took shape. They were very simple and like childish play, but it was an entertaining experience.

I’ve since moved from programming and focused on other things. In the meantime, I started creating mods for other games. My favourite choice was ‘Civilization: Beyond Earth’ which I intensly modded between 2015 and 2017. I’ve created several simple mods that can be found on Steam Workshop to this day! Then, a brief switch to ‘Hearts of Iron IV’ modding began, but it didn’t last long. I’ve joined a modding team only for it to cease action within few months.

After that, the game development story begins. One of the modding team members was kind enough to help me out in my struggles. And here we are, me and Michael, still going strong with our developments and trying our best.

That journey already lasted a fair while and I am not bored with it. With time, the designs are getting better and more logical, the experience is finally paying off. Who knows what will we create in the near future?
The passion still goes strong!

That is it for today’s ‘Tale Tuesday’. See you soon!

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