DEV FRIDAY #32 – Match the Colour Updated

Hello everyone!

Today’s Dev Friday will be rather short, but next week we’re coming with a surprise, so make sure to stay tuned for the next week.
In the meantime, we have updated ‘Match the Colour’.

The game was a little buggy and some people experienced various crashes. We’ve went out and fixed the mentioned bugs. The most common bugs that were fixed are:

  • holding a finger after clicking ‘Tap to Play’ button will result in a game crash due to misalignment of singals of the power bar at the start,
  • slamming into the roof at certain velocities and with proper setup caused the game to crash.

We have also fixed ads. From now on you can get extra lives and coins from watching ads. At the same time, you will be helping the developers. Thank you!

That is it for today’s short article. See you next week with some exciting news!

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