Updates Posting Changes

Hey everyone!

Today we have a short message instead of ‘Tale Tuesday’.
Due to less time for our projects and general need for more free time, we will be posting less frequently.

From now on, ‘Dev Friday’ will be posted every other week, starting this Friday (23rd July 2021). The updates will be about all the ongoing projects. Some of the updates on ‘Games for Funds’ might not follow the template and be more irregular.

‘Tale Tuesday’ will be posted roughly once a month, with two weeks of break between Kofi and Website release. No additional posts are planned for now.

In the meantime we will maintain some general presence, so you don’t feel left out. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll be back to normal rate once possible. Remember – Iguana Mercenary is our part time passion and we wish to spend the most time possible on it, but sometimes we simply cannot.

Thank you!

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