Hello everyone!

I really want to spread the message, so if you don’t have time to read it all: please, simply share the links available at the end of the article and come back to read later. It means the world to me, thanks!

And for all of those who have some time: welcome!

Iguana Mercenary has been going on for quite a while, but I would personally love to start a new side project. And that particular project is quite an important one – and I hope that you’ll help me out!

I am starting a new solo group under Iguana Mercenary banner called GAMES FOR FUNDS.

Games For Funds is a small solo development studio that belongs to Iguana Mercenary with one, simple goal: bring the change to the world through video games.
All video games are made by one individual and are sold to spread awareness of various problems of our daily world.

I am trying to get to people and bring their attention to certain issues through video games. Not only I want to spread awareness in a funny way, but also make the direct change – 90% of net income from video games sales of ‘Games For Funds’ will get donated to various causes connected with a theme of a given game.

As of now, one game is in development and is getting prepared for launch. The game is called ‘Hug the World’ and it touches the environmental issues of our beautiful planet! Learn more about it here:
The game can be pre-ordered on Humble Store for $1.99. The game will be available for Android, Windows and Linux.

There will be more projects in the future about other topics that need addressing. Please follow closely here to find more info:

Share the project with your friends that play video games – spread the message further! The more money we’ll raise, the greater impact we will have on our world!

That is it for today, make sure to spread the message far and pre-order ‘Hug the World’.
More updates soon!

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