DEV FRIDAY #31 – How Match the Colour was made

Hey everyone!
As a little reminder: it has been two weeks since our latest release of ‘Match the Colour’ – a brand new game available on Android in Google Play Store. You can get the game for free here:

Today we will talk a little more in-depth about the game itself and its design. We’ll see some of the concepts that were made and we will see how the idea of the game progressed over time, especially in its art.

What I find the most interesting about the art element is the progression of the logo idea. It was very vague at the beginning, even with all the concepts, so there was a lot of space to do interesting things. The idea was plain, but it was the little details that changed a lot overtime. Various things were tried out and in the end, it came down to one version that kept updating. It’s pretty easy to see the progression to what it is today.

The main idea of the game pretty much stayed the same. Due to the code limitations, some of the things have changed. So because of that, you can see how in the concept there are repeated stripes and how the line representing power looks differently. In the game, both things look in a different way. The line was simplified, but still acts as it is intended, while repeated colours were never added. So yes – all the stripes will be their own unique colour and you have only one stripe you can hit – might be difficult, but that’s the point!

Once the development of the game started to move forward, the concepts also have changed a little. And that way, on screenshots below you can see how the looks slightly developed over time. The power line still got simplified, but the general idea stayed the same. The placement of some UI elements has also changed, like for example a highscore.

In general, once the idea came around, it pretty much stayed the same over time. Little changes were happening all the time, but it remained pretty unchanged from the start. All elements were made from scratch in very good pace – the code, sounds, everything. It’s a fun little game for mobile and definitely not the last one!

That is it for today’s Dev Friday, see you next week and remember to download the game!

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