DEV FRIDAY #30 – Meet Match the Colour: Skins

It has been a week since our latest release of ‘Match the Colour’ – a brand new game available on Android in Google Play Store. You can get the game for free here:

Today we’ll talk about skins that are available for purchase at the in-game shop for coins gained during the game. But how do you gain coins? Coins are rewarded for gained score. The more you play and the higher the score, the more money you will earn for a game. For the earned coins, you will be able to buy skins!

And what are skins for? What are they doing?
Skins are a way to change the look of the player model. Anything is possible – from a bunch of squares and triangles to a smiley face! It’s as simple as choosing an available look from the shop and purchasing it for mentioned price. And what kind of skins are available in the shop? Let’s see some of them right now!

As you can see, they come in various shapes and colours! Different shades of gray will appear differently whenever any colour is shown over them. Just take a look at these examples:

It can be pretty interesting and purchasing a new skin is always nice! Stay stylish in Match the Colour and purchase new skins with coins. Play ‘Match the Colour’ on Android and download it from Google Play Store:

That is it for today’s Dev Friday, see you next week on a little more in-depth details of the game!

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