Tale Tuesday #12 – How do I create art?

Hey everyone! Today we’ll talk about how we are creating our art for the games. It might be quite an interesting topic because none of us has actual experience in it and we had to come up with a solution for our games which are obviously on low budget. Someone had to do it, and it decided on me – with no experience at all. So… how did I manage?

‘Market Dominion’ was the first game that we’ve worked on and that was the first real test about the graphics. By the time, I started using Paint.NET program pretty often. I was training for the day in which I will have to make the graphics for the game. It was quite a challenge, but it was getting better over time. There certainly was a way to do everything, maybe just not the prettiest and most efficient one. Experience comes with time and that was the case. Afterall, there were several updates of art for Market Dominion. The first concepts changed quite a lot, when compared to what was coming out later. It took some time.

‘Sierra Nevada’, however, was different. This time we were going for isometric tile map, which gives a fake impression of three-dimensional space. With my set of skills, it wasn’t really an option. Due to the situation I was presented with, I had to come up with a valid solution pretty quickly. And I did.

Blender turned out to be a very useful tool throughout the entire development of ‘Sierra Nevada’. This way, it was easy to create the tricky isometric tiles. With proper setup, I could easily create what I needed for the whole game. It gave me quite a freedom of movement and editing.

Today, both Paint.NET and Blender are useful tools I’m using while developing games. Both help me while making art. There are now several rules I follow, but I’ll talk about it another day..

To be continued..

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