DEV FRIDAY #29 – Quick Update – Medals

Hello everyone!
Today, we have a short update for ‘Sierra Nevada’. It is not considered a full version, so it is marked with additional number at the end of version number (1.2.1). The reason is simple: it is very simple and just a little, cosmetic addition to the game. The change is already available on ‘Sierra Nevada’ the store page:

So, what has been added?

It is very rewarding to complete a scenario. But there wasn’t a real reward for it before. Now, there is at least a symbolic way to respect your achievements!
From now on, upon a successful completion of the scenario, you will receive a medal. It will be visible under the scenario’s rules, when opening a given scenario in the menu.
Now, you will see which difficulties were already completed and what you’ve got left to do! In the end, you should have total of 5 medals per scenario. Can you get them all though? Find out!

NOTE: Due to the character of the change, the previous wins will not count as a medal gain. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We are sure you can win again if you already did something!

So that would be it for today’s Dev Friday! It was quite short, however we are preparing some new things for soon. Stay tuned..

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