DEV FRIDAY #28 – New Scenarios Difficulty (Update)

Hey everyone!
Last week we announced yet another updated involving scenarios and today is finally the day to show off the whole work! The new update is now available on ‘Sierra Nevada’ the store page:

In today’s Dev Friday we’ll cover two more scenarios, as well as a little something…

Is Hardcore Difficulty not enough for you? Have you completed all difficulties on all scenarios already? Well, we would like to introduce a completely new difficulty for very brave and daring players.. welcome the EXTREME! difficulty!
Extreme difficulty will even further limit the time in the tasks, as well as rise the requirements for some. This way, it gets more difficult to complete the tasks, by giving player less time to do more stuff. If Hardcore difficulty was fine for you, wait until you see the Extreme difficulty!

And with that we’re also introducing two more scenarios to play… Western Army and Luxurious Life!

The government needs an army formed in the Wild West. They’ve decided to start a draft in the towns of the Sierra in order to gather the required amount of forces. As a mayor of such town, you are obligated to deliver enough men. Will you do what the government wants you to do? This is a pretty unique scenario, centered around a military concept of the game. The scenario will require you to recruit large amount of Militia in order to progress and win. This slightly different focus will definitely be interesting for people who love to develop their army.

A life of luxuries is not for everyone. Having access to luxury resources however can build up morales of people and provide a better, fancier lifestyle. The town could definitely use some of the rich lifestyle. But can you provide that through limited, western means? This scenario evolves strongly around daily gain of Luxury resources. It’s a great choice for those, who love the trading part of the game and those that love setting up their own trading hubs.

And that is it for today! It was the last update for ‘Sierra Nevada’ in the closest future. I hope you enjoyed! Remember to get the update on the store page:

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