DEV FRIDAY #27 – New Scenarios Added and.. Linux! (Snippet 1)

Hey everyone!
Last week we had Scenarios Update unfold, but now we’re adding even more Scenarios! Together with that, we have a little treat coming, so make sure to stick around, especially until the next week!

Today’s Dev Friday will be a little short, as we added only new scenarios, however next week we’ll have a little more to show.

With that said, let’s find out more about two new scenarios added to ‘Sierra Nevada’… Growing Town and City in the Sierra!

Every town has to grow! The growth of town ensures that they stay significant. Make yourself remembered and take care of a large amount of Provinces in order to win. Can you do that? As the description states, your town will have to grow a lot in order to win the scenario. Particulary important will be the Provinces, which are aquired from the high Prestige and maintaining the lands properly. With that said, this scenario will focus a lot on several aspects connected with growing your town in a steady pace. It’s a little different then other scenarios and is definitely great for those who love to grow their town.

Villages turn into towns, towns into cities.. every town in the Sierra dreams of turning into a significant place. Some will surely achieve such luxury sooner or later, but it isn’t for everyone. Will you end up among the small amount of lucky mayors to construct a prospering town? The task is quite simple, but at the same time interesting. To be declared a city, several conditions have to be fulfilled, such as proper amount of Settlers, Resources gains and some important buildings constructed. The scenario is calm and involves some of the standard game procedures. Will you be able to create a good city? Let’s find out!

We are announcing that for version 1.2 we are adding parallel Linux edition! From now on, you will be able to play ‘Sierra Nevada’ on Linux. The contents of both versions are absolutely the same. Please, enjoy!

That is it for today. Another Snippet with the update will be available next week, so make sure to check out the website often. See you next week!

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