TALE TUESDAY #10 – Back to archives

Hello everyone!
Today’s Tale Tuesday will be a little different. We will uncover some of the old concepts, ideas and art behind our first ever game – Market Dominion. I bet it’s going to be an interesting one, so let’s get right into it!

It’d be great to start with the first ever concept for main menu for our game. In the past, the idea for the game was a little different, at least from the looks part. It was supposed to be more “real” and within the topic of companies and businesses. This kind of look has softened overtime and ended up in what we have currently. However, it is interesting to look back and think how it could all develop.

Specialists were also supposed to be treated a bit differently. The idea stayed fairly the same, however the interface changed a lot over time. Various options were considered, however they were quite simplified – even a bit too simple to be a proper interface. It might have looked cool, but wasn’t as informative as we’d like it to be.

Different types of maps were also planned in the early stages of the game. One of the map we’ve started working on but never finished was a map of mainland United States. The concept of separate, original maps was abandoned due to limitations back in the day. The only map that made it as far as having its own graphics was the already mentioned map of the US.

Some concepts never made it even into the prototype. One of such was a concept of growing cities in place of company’s headquarters. All that is left of the idea nowadays is the art of a fully grown city.

Below, we’re presenting some of more interesting interface archives findings.

That is it for today’s Tale Tuesday. Thank you for reading and joining us on that ride into the past!

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