DEV FRIDAY #26 – Scenarios Update

It’s finally time to release ‘Scenarios Update’! We’re happy to announce last two scenarios – one basic, one unique – and we’d like to invite everyone to enjoy the new update! Let’s jump into the last two scenarios, making it total of 8 for this version.

Not only gold mining happens in Sierra Nevada. Other activities also happen here.. afterall, everyone is leading their everyday life here with hopes for better tommorow. Various things might happen to towns across the huge Sierra..

Today, the last two scenarios are Disaster Mode and Abandoned Town!

The nearest neighbourhood is known with the huge scale disasters – often fires and earthquakes, which often leave towns in disorder. Can you fight through those issues and create a quick response team? This is a completely different scenario. Not only the player needs to develop his town, but also make sure that all the buildings are fixed, so the area can function properly. In order to win the scenario, throughout the whole playthrough all the buildings need to be fixed within certain time span. Otherwise, the player will lose due to lack of management on the buildings. Player also has to watch the neighbours’ buildings and fix them for them! As weird as it sounds – after all, you are managing the whole region. Can you complete this difficult challenge?

The town is becoming abandoned and no new Settlers are coming. Will you be able to properly manage the dying out town, together with leftover resources and people? Without new settlers, the situation might be hard. The towns slowly die out and lose their importance – mines are closing, businesses don’t operate. It’s a nightmare vision for every town. Sadly, you got into such situation and there is no way out. Can you still maintain your town on a high level without the new stream of Settlers? Let’s find out!

And that is it for today. Make sure to check out Sierra Nevada in shop and download the update or purchase the game if you got interested. Link to the store: https://
Thank you and see you next week!

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