DEV FRIDAY #25 – More intriguing Scenarios (Snippet 3)

Hello everyone!
In the last Dev Friday we’ve presented two more, unique scenarios for the ‘Scenarios Update’. Today, we’ll present two more. Next week the last two will be presented, together with the release of the update. Let’s jump into the last snippet before the release!

Not only gold mining happens in Sierra Nevada. Other activities also happen here.. afterall, everyone is leading their everyday life here with hopes for better tommorow. Various things might happen to towns across the huge Sierra..

We’ve seen two scenarios with basic maps to choose from all types of maps, but also two scenarios with a unique map. This time, we’ll have one using the empty, basic map and one with unique map. Let’s check out two new scenarios: The New Hope and The Capital of Trade!

The Town was ruined by its previous mayor and someone needs to fix it. The government put you in charge of this operation. You are tasked with bringing order to the town and bringing back its former glory! This scenario hits the player from a different perspective – the town is already developed and it only needs to be fixed. The player will be tasked with a series of tasks to fix the town and improve it. It has a different dynamic, where player has to figure out the town’s state and work his way out to greatness. It definitely starts out differently and player will need to get used to the situation of this town.

Become the trading capital of the Sierra and establish many profitable routes with the neighbouring Towns, expanding your own sphere of influence! Complete a set of tasks connected with trading to create the capital of trade and win the scenario. Here, the player will have to face tasks with deep connections to trading and Resources, making sure to gain all the wealth required. It’s definitely different from standard game and scenarios, where trade becomes the most important factor.

That is it for today’s Dev Friday, the last snippet and the update come up next week. Stay tuned!

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