TALE TUESDAY #9 – A wind of change

We mentioned big delays, development sturggles and other very inconvinient things that troubled Iguana Mercenary for a big part of its beginning. It was hard to fight it. Our activity dropped, there wasn’t much we could do due to rising personal issues. Posts dropped down to one every few weeks. It wasn’t that bad yet.

However, we did come up with a solution. We got a fresh will to fight and decided to do somethiing about it.

We wanted to test out new strategies that would help us with organization and buy us precious time we might need. We’ve started working on a model that would work particulary in our case. It wasn’t an easy task but soon enough we came up with a solution we thought might be for us.
And so far, it is! The scheme we came up with back then is still in use today. It allows us to have more freedom with content creation and allows us to prepare stuff quicker and with proper time saving. Even if sudden technical or personal difficulties happen, we often will have additional content to release for as long as it’s needed, buying us some precious time. This way, there is the news continuity without a risk of breaking it due to various issues and we have a greater freedom with content creation.

The scheme we had was pretty good, however we needed a way to actually introduce it. That’s where ‘Sierra Nevada’ came in handy. Together with the content scheme, we also changed the technical side of projects and how they’re stored. It changed the way of communication and sharing new changes. Both concepts could be tested during the development of a new, simple game. ‘Sierra Nevada’ made a cut as the one to be tested with new models. Before announcing it, we’ve made several versions to ensure everything is going to work properly. After that, we’ve started posting with our new methods. Up to this day, it works the same way, with weekly updates on Fridays. That series of articles is known as ‘Dev Friday’ and replaces older ‘Dev Minutes’, which represented the old, less functional updates series.

We got back on our feet and with new methods to fight. ‘Sierra Nevada’ and changed concepts gave us many new possibilities and made it a good and worthy change. Very soon, we were going to deliver the message about our “recovery”..

To be continued..

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