DEV FRIDAY #24 – More and unique Scenarios! (Snippet 2)

In the last Dev Friday we mentioned a new update called ‘Scenarios Update’. It is the first one after releasing what could be called a full version of the game. There is more coming to it, however that’s what we’re going to focus on for now! Let’s dive right in for more information about Scenarios Update.

Not only gold mining happens in Sierra Nevada. Other activities also happen here.. afterall, everyone is leading their everyday life here with hopes for better tommorow. Various things might happen to towns across the huge Sierra..

As mentioned last time, scenarios are alternative way to play the game. They limit the player to completing a certain task within the time given for it. The tasks together with time for them changes depending on the difficulty. Player can choose the difficulty, ranging from Easy to Hardcore. Today’s scenarios are starting on a unique map, which means player does not get to choose the map type and starts with a certain set in his town.
Let’s see two more scenarios from this update… Train Defense and The Supply Chain!

The train tracks are leading through your part of the Sierra and there are some stops as well. However, crazy bandits want to stop the train. You, as a mayor will be responsible for protecting the Train at all cost. But can you succeed? In this Scenario, player will have to defend the Stations along the railways. Every few weeks, waves of bandits will attack the available Stations and try to capture them. DO NOT let them keep the Stations – this way you will lose! You have to protect the Stations for the duration of the Scenario. If you keep them safe for the whole Scenario, you will win. It focuses a lot on the military aspect of the game and definitely can get interesting during the game!

Miners from local Mines will require additional supplies from time to time. You will be tasked with creating a big supply chain, spanning accross the valley. Will you manage the task and supply all the miners on time? This scenario serves several tasks, followed one after another. Timed separately, they change the mechanic of the time limit, causing a bit different dynamic of the whole game. Various resources will be requested across the whole scenario and they will need to be delivered in time, otherwise the player loses. After finishing the last task, the game ends with a victory. It’s a time-sensitive scenario with normal town growth included, with a need from the player to save up a bit of Resources for the Miners in need. This way, it gives a bit different elements to the growth of the town.

That is it for today’s Dev Friday and we’ll have even more next week. Make sure to come back and read more about new scenarios!

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