DEV FRIDAY #23 – Sierra Nevada Scenarios (Snippet 1)

Hello everyone!
Last week we’ve released an update to ‘Sierra Nevada’ which was called ‘Sierra Update’. This update was the biggest one so far, marking the beginning of full version of the game. It doesn’t mean the end of updates however! There’s more to come and one of the things coming is the Scenarios Update.

Not only gold mining happens in Sierra Nevada. Other activities also happen here.. afterall, everyone is leading their everyday life here with hopes for better tommorow. Various things might happen to towns across the huge Sierra..

Scenarios will be alternative way to play the game. While the standard game mode’s goal is to grow your town as much as possible endlessly (or in given time), the scenarios will limit the player to a task or a set of tasks. The player will have to complete the arising issues within the time span – otherwise, the game is lost! Some of the scenarios use custom built maps, while the others use the basic, already available maps. Scenarios also have difficulties, ranging from Easy to Hardcore, changing the range of the task and time for its completion.
From now on, we will introduce two scenarios weekly in Dev Friday. We’re starting today with.. Gold Tycoon and The Famous Town!

Gold… gold is the main currency and wealth down in the Sierra! The towns get more prestigious and well-known the more gold they gather from their mines. Do you think you can make a run to the top?
This scenario takes a place on a standard map of player’s choosing (only type can be chosen, not the specific map). This scenario is highly driven by the mining system in the town and it will grately impact the outcome. The task is pretty straight forward, to collect a lot of Gold in the shortest time possible. Soon, you’ll be able to check it out for more details on all difficulties!

Famous towns! The towns that will be visited and honored for many decades to come, they have to be very popular with everyone. The more prestige, the better for such town! Can you lead your own town to the glory?
The point of this scenario is also pretty straightforward. The values and outcome driven by changing Prestige points, they will affect the scenario grately. Player’s goal will be to make the Town as popular as possible – gathering as many Prestige points as it’s possible in shortest amount of time. Are you ready for such a challenge, to keep your reputation pristine?

That is it for today’s Dev Friday. Return for more next week! We’ll find out about other Scenarios awaiting!

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