DEV FRIDAY #22 – Sierra Update Released

Hello everyone!
‘Sierra Update’ finally got released tonight! This whole update was quite a long journey due to all the changes and it managed to see the daylight in its full glory now!
The West is massive and so is Sierra Nevada. There are so many places to end up in and so much to discover.. maybe you should give it a try and discover more?
This article is a large recap for the entireity of the update, summarizing it on its day of release.

The Update added a lot of new maps. Two new additional Meadows maps were introduced. Together with South Sierra and Tuolumne, Mount Whitney and Kearsarge Lakes are in the group of new Meadows maps. Meadows are the standard map type, most common to the Sierra. They are fairly green, with decent amount of forests and lakes. The beautiful scenery is caught in between the mountains rich with gold. This type of map provides variety and is quite easy for the beginner players.

Other map types were also added. So far only Meadows maps were present, however from now on there are two more types of maps.
First one is Arid. Very dry and with no forests and almost no water, it serves quite a challenge for players to maintain their town there. It’s definitely recommended for experienced players that know what they’re doing and are not scared of the wild and tough conditions. Among Arid maps are Mills Creek, Sevehah Cliff and Owens Valley.

Yet another map type is Yosemite. Yosemite is extensively covered with forests and is very mountainous in between the big bodies of water the terrain provides. Quite untouched by humans it serves a little adventure to fight with the Sierra’s wilderness. The maps among Yosemite map type are Yosemite Valley, Moro Rock and Lake Tahoe.

A lot of maps are quite unique and those new additions will definitely serve a cool refreshing change to the game.
With that said and the ‘Sierra Update’ release out of the way, we would like to announce that the last huge update will come up next. A lot of interesting things will be added, so stay tuned for the upcoming Dev Fridays!

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