DEV FRIDAY #21 – New Yosemite Maps (Snippet 5)

Hello everyone!
New week, new Friday and with that yet another Dev Friday and another Snippet for Sierra Update for ‘Sierra Nevada’! The West is massive and so is Sierra Nevada. There are so many places to end up in and so much to discover.. maybe you should give it a try and discover more?

In this update we are focusing on developing the maps and terrains, bringing more variety into the choices of environment. All new kinds of maps are now known and more unique maps will come around for them. Today, we will discover the remaining Yosemite maps…
Welcome to Moro Rock and Lake Tahoe!

Moro Rock is a very mountainous map. With various mountain chains spanning across the map with different branches and different sizes, it definitely makes a difference in the game. Massive, endless rows of mountains, sometimes interrupted by cliffs on the chains boundariers will dominate the sky. Endless rows of mountains are followed by loosely distributed hills, which are all over the place. Little valleys are the only source of flat terrain with very little place to maneuver. The only water is available at the south of the map, with a little lake and a river going out of one of the valleys. Apart from that, the area is rich with forests. Valleys are mainly empty and without anything interesting – mainly rocks from time to time. The main forests are up in the mountains, covering almost the entirety of the enormous mountain chains.

Lake Tahoe is a very different place. It doesn’t have large mountain chains nor various hills, but the map has one main attraction – a huge lake in the middle! The mountains if they are there, they are along the lake’s coast. The map has very little mountains and cliffs, the majority of it are plains. Hills happen at times, but they’re quite rare and rather along the coast together with mountains. Various rivers flow into the lake. Forests are pretty sparse across the whole map on all terrains. Rocks are present around the lake area. The lake itself has some features as well. The lake is in the middle part of the map and the largest feature on the map.

Nature can be quite beautiful! Among the deep Sierra forests, it seems to be calmer than ever. Maybe you should take it as an advantage and get some proper break from the other, more heated up parts of the Sierra?
That is everything for today! Next week we will summarize the whole update and release it! Stay tuned for next Friday!

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