DEV FRIDAY #20 – More new Arid Maps (Snippet 4)

Hello everyone!
Time for yet another Dev Friday with another Snippet for the big Sierra Update for ‘Sierra Nevada’! The West is massive and so is Sierra Nevada. There are so many places to end up in and so much to discover.. maybe you should give it a try and discover more?

In this update we are focusing on developing the maps and terrains, bringing more variety into the choices of environment. All new kinds of maps are now known and more unique maps will come around for them. Today, we will discover the remaining Arid maps…
Welcome to Sevehah Cliff and Owens Valley!

Sevehah Cliff is an Arid map with medium sized mountain chains with big separation in between them. The mountain chains are somewhat long and narrow with quite a few cliffs. The mountains are numerously surrounded by hills, which spread far into the local plains. Plains tend to mix up with the various hills. Several independent hills happen but they are rather rare, there are no lonely mountains.
Deadbushes just like the rocks are quite common on the map, especially in the hills and mountains area. Plains are rather sparsely filled and do not contain many of those features. There is no water on the whole map – not in a form of river nor a lake. The map is definitely somewhat challenging in terms of available space and proper management will be the key to construct the town right. With so many hills tied with standard plains, it might get tough to find the right spot for your town.

Owens Valley is slightly more unique Arid map. With quite narrow but very long mountain chains and little hills around them, a lot of space is left for the open plains, which often have small lakes in between, to be the only source of fresh water around. The mountain chains are long, spanning across the map, but also very narrow. Plenty of cliffs are mixed into them. Hills strips are very small and they don’t go far out from the mountains. This causes a lot of empty space to get created and a large portion of the map are plains. That, on the other hand, creates a bunch of small lakes, that even get connected by a small stream at times. Various terrain features can be found, but they’re somewhat sparsely deployed, with a big part of them to the north and east of the map. Both deadbushes and rocks can be found quite commonly. It might be one of the lightest arid maps, allowing the player to relax in a pretty yet dangerous spot. Some will definitely find it as a beautiful gem of Sierra Nevada.

Nature might become the player’s worst enemy, but sometimes it just might let him admire its beauty. None the less, player should watch out and be careful for possible trouble…
That would be it for today’s snippet! Come back next week to find out even more!

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