DEV FRIDAY #19 – Sierra Update Snippet 3

Hello everyone!
Another week, another Dev Friday and another Snippet from Sierra Update for ‘Sierra Nevada’! The West is massive and so is Sierra Nevada. There are so many places to end up in and so much to discover.. maybe you should give it a try and discover more?

In this update we are focusing on developing the maps and terrains, bringing more variety into the choices of environment. New kinds of maps as well as more of the maps themselves will be released. It also includes today and last kind of map…
Welcome Yomesite map in Sierra Nevada!

Yosemite map is a humid, very densly forested variation of the Sierra. Acting almost like the jungles of the North, these forests remained untouched by humanity for centuries. With such unique nature and surrounding, mountainous terrain, it might get tough to effectively settle a town in the Sierra. Yosemite region has very dense and green Forests with a lot of wood within them. It is also commonly covered with Mountains and Lakes with various river connections between Lakes. Yomesite also includes new tile called Cliff. Similar to the Cliffs of Arid map (but built differently!) they are home to Quarries. Quarry improvement allows players to gather Rocks.

The first Yosemite map introduced to the game is Yosemite Valley.
Yosemite Valley is a Yosemite map with huge mountains chains often containing large amounts of cliffs. Very densly forested, mainly covering the mountains and plains. Among the large chains, extensive plains and valleys can be found with numerous lakes and rivers spanning accross them. The mountains often closely border the lakes, making very little room to develop standard buildings in that region. Lakes have plenty of rocks and plants, looking as green as the surroundings. Lakes are often narrow, sometimes barely fitting in between the mountains. Very large amount of forests will make the development slightly difficult and some of the trees will need to be cut down for the town to grow. In general it is quite friendly and interesting map, with a little limited space, much more mountainous than the Meadows sister maps. It definitely serves a difference in the gameplay.

A lot of things have to be planned out carefully and here the biggest enemy might be.. nature! Overgrown over the years might cause some trouble during setup of the town. It’s good to take that into consideration when entering Yosemite area.

That would be it for today’s snippet! Come back next week to see even more new maps!

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